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Suryaputra Karn full Written Episode 6th November 2015

Suryaputra Karn full Written Episode 6th November 2015: 

Vaishali and Karn discuss about their relationship each day after poornima fullmoon night. Duryodhan concerns meet with Karn. Karn requires reason behind returning and gets satisfied seeing him. Duryodhan says he found ask him to accompany him. Vaishali leaves and learns that. Vaishali are marrying and Karn says he and he delivered him request. Duryodhan requires when is his relationship and gets content. Poornima is said time after by Karn. Duryodhan gets sad.

Karn guarantees that their relationship may happen each day at any price and attempts Vaishali’s agreement to go to swayamwar. She claims she’s happy with him and kartavya/responsibility and Karn have kundali. Karn leaves smiling.

In a structure, there is an attractive woman Supriya observed smiling. Where’s her friend Supriya Rajkumari asks. Supriya enters and asks she asks what’ll and be without her she do after she marries. Rajkumari claims she’ll get along her. If she sees an attractive guy in her swayamwar she asks what’ll she do. Supriya says she dorn that guy and will grab her garland and marry him. They proceed discussing light moments and both laugh.

Duryodhan with Karn claims this location is little but is extremely beautiful and reaches swayamwar structure. Yudistra claims Duryodhan he believed he’d come as he’ll come via Ang pradesh and enters with Arjun. Duryodhan says he believed he’d come but he introduced a help with him. Arjun claims he found protect him rather as there might be somebody here to beat him and gets upset. Karn claims he’s below to safeguard his buddy from everybody, be his help or it yuvraj and comes. Arjun gases.

Supriya requires Bhanu to determine them as she’ll not get time to look at them and looks rajkumars. Her bloom drops down and she walks to capture it. Karn comes it is going to action on bloom and walking but stops seeing her. Karn is seen by her and gets captivated with his appeal.

Precap. Duryodhan says he requires Karn to struggle with Arjun and will not abandon swayamwar.