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Swim Team full Written Episode 6th November 2015

Swim Team full Written Episode 6th November 2015:

Deepam says she desired him to ask something different as well, while having coffee, if they are able to speak. Deepam offers Neel coffee. Neel accepts. Umang wonders what he’s doing with Deepam and observes them. Neel areas runs behind Deepam and Umang. Deepam wonders where he’s gone, but atleast he consented for java. Umang in the hallway stops and asks why she left. Deepam asks if she must give Neel any reason. Neel is joyful whenever he’s with Deepam that he’s found envy. Neel inquires if she will eventually be a jealous girlfriend. Umang gets Deepam tote, they get close to each other. Umang says she isn’t possessive or jealous, she go to drop house or do not care whoever he helps in headstand. Neel says as she enjoys him, it matters for her. And Neel just enjoys her, and she’s the sole person who exists in her life. Neel says he’s a one girl guy. Deepam says it does not matter to her. Neel leaves. Umang is disturbed.

Rewa’s notebook closes. Rewa inquires what occurred. Umang inquires if she’s that jealous, idiotic and possessive kind of girl. Rewa inquires is she great where these questions came from. Rewa inquires is she. Umang attempts to quiet Rewa. Umang stands inquiring how can these two be linked. Umang says she’s becoming hyper. Rewa says when it’s about Neel, yes, she’s constantly hyper. Umang inquires why would herself be because of Neel. Umang says herself recalls their no-lads deal. Herself yells at Rewa, they detect everyone staring at them. Umang goes to clarify to everyone that herself is . Rewa tells her to relax, she says she’s a woman that is serene and never gets hyper. Rewa says she usual when Bhagat is. Umang says herself feels ill at ease when Bhagat is there, they do not get cheery like before, they fight like girlfriend and boyfriend. Umang says that those blooms were additionally…. Umang says she was told by secretary, and the blossoms have been seen by everyone. The most happiest man seeing the blooms was Bhagat. Herself goes to get java.

Umang wonders what Neel is doing with Deepam and comes there. Both laugh. Neel says he understood where the got his picture. Umang wonders why she’s folding his garments, is she his wife, what’s happening between them. Neel says how much his mom needed to meet with her. Deepam says that her mom also needed her to wed him there and then. Deepam says how great it’s to meet with such a man after quite a while. Deepam asks for java with Neel. Cheapster believes why she’s becoming effected. Why it bothers herself that Neel is with another person. Herself thinks about Neel’s words too. Herself questions what’s occurring to her.

Bhagat was seeing a picture in changing room. Rewa raps the doorway. Rewa says she was somewhat uneasy taking. Herself says a loser friend is her and sits with him. She hasn’t done anything for him, although he cares for herself lot. Rice was brought by her in order they can eat together, she describes this is in front of what he’s done for her, nothing. Herself says that tomorrow is a significant day for them both, it is a solution to eliminate nervousness. She says that I miss being a buddy Bhagat and goes to the window. She never told him the reason and has judged him extremely unpleasant. Occasionally that is forgotten by her afterall he’s an individual and not a robot. Bhagat believes the human understand her. Bhagat says she trusts him the most and comes to the human, makes him sit, she’s never trusted anyone such as this, she trusts him for her life. Bhagat says that after UG, he’s the closest and bestest buddy of her.

PRECAP: Rewa tells Bhagat she’s cooked all, raita and the paratha for him. Herself makes the human eat with her very own hand.