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Tashan-e-Ishq 10th November 2015 Full Written Episode

Tashan-e-Ishq 10th November 2015 Full Written Episode:


Alarm rings at 5am as its Sargi time but Twinkle doesnt wake up, Kunj wakes up and attempts to wake her up but she’s in heavy slumber, Usha knocks door, Kunj comes out and doesnt let her go inside as Twinkle is sleeping, Usha says I need to give Sargi to Twinkle, she has to be conscious, Kunj says yes she’s conscious but you cant go inside, Usha inquire why? Kunj says I was helping her to wear saree, she’ll embarrassed to see you, she’s self-conscious, you can give me this Sargi, Usha says good, she gives Sargi to him, Usha leaves, Kunj comes in and says to sleeping Twinkle I am saving her from everything and she’s sleeping calmly, I wont wake her up now, she’ll stay famished entire day without having Sargi.

Usha’s morning, Twinkle wakes up and says to Kunj I am really going to eat Sargi as it must be 5am, Kunj says its 8am and shows her clock, Twinkle says didnt alarm ring?

Twinkle comes down, Babee ask if she’s fasting now and calls her? Twinkle says yes, Babee request to tell whats history behind this and why we do it quickly, Babee says you’re not ancient, you don understand Karwachauth’s meaning? Twinkle is perplexed what she’s saying, Kunj comes there and listens this, he comes and says Twinkle has to be shying away, we both attempted to make her wear saree but she couldnt, its so hard to tie saree, Babee says no trouble, she inquire Twinkle to get prepared nicely for evening, Kunj says she’s really excited for quick, she can quickly for me every weekend, babee says she should as she got such fine husband, Nikki believes that there’s some thing fishy between them, I should learn if Twinkle is fasting or not.


Twinkle says I ‘m not so full, I should have eaten Sargi, she burps, Kunj says you were saying such lines that are large but you ate food appropriate? I wont tell anyone, Nikki listens this and says I was convinced Twinkle wasn’t fasting, she leaves, Twinkle says to Kunj that I didnt eat anything, I ‘m having burps due to acidity, I dont need to put my mom down, I’d like to demonstrate world that my mom have given me great breeding, I am going to follow all rites of the house, Kunj says sorry and leaves, Twinkle says I miss Maa.

Nikki tells Babee that Twinkle busted her quickly, Babee says Twinkle is more modern than me although I dont consider this, Nikki says I ‘ve patience and doesnt believe in fasting and all, Babee inquire if she’s got evidence that Twinkle has busted her? Nikki says she doesnt have evidence, Babee says I ‘m not Usha that I’ll consider whatever you say, if I get evidence that Twinkle isn’t fasting then I am going to scold her, get lost from here, Nikki says when Twinkle isn’t happy with this particular union then why would she fast? Babee is shocked and question what?

PRECAP- Karwachauth pooja is happening. After seeing moon twinkle sees the face of Kunj through sieve. Babee says to Twinkle that if you didnt need to fast then you certainly might have told me but did you do forgery acting of fasting? Twinkle shouts, Pinni supports her. .