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Tashan-e-Ishq full Written Episode 11th November 2015

Tashan-e-Ishq full Written Episode 11th November 2015:

Twinkle gets dressed she says thank you God for the witness’ power. Maa must be proud to understand that the witness did my quick. Niki says so they needed to get married babbe Twinkle accused Kunj. Kunj needed to get married to the girl who attributed him. Babbe leaves. Niki says lights camera activity. And your the ending is shortly.

Leela is said to by Pinni the witness am actually stressed. Leela says the first karwa chauth of the end’s twinkle. Someone must be there. Pinni says I’ll go there. Is everyone with Leela. Dont tell everyone with her that the witness requested you request all this. Pinni says do not stress.
She is introduced by Usha to babbe. Babbe says lets begin the rite.

Pinni says pooja ended well. In some time we’ll begin the pooja. Twinkle belches. you lied to all people. If you’re not really so ancient, then you definitely ought to have told us that you cant quickly. Pinni says the’ not like that. Usha says she’s part of us, we can comprehend how she’s. We all know what she’s. Twinkle says this is precisely what the witness was stressed for. Twinkle begins passing out. Nikki says see how she’s faking babbe. You do have to pretend all this. You ought to have said that you did not need to quickly. your mother has made you this manner. Your mom has brought you.
Twinkle says you can not blame my mother like this. The witness understand you all believe that I ate something but this is only due to acidity. The witness am not used to remaining hungry. My mother has taught me everything. Yes I’m not ancient but youall not a sin. The witness feel equally great in desi dresses.
My fast, I did not break. Kunj says because she’s not lying. And I’m the witness. Babbe says the witness could not come to your wedding nor do I understand what was the motive but I’m so happy to see you both together this manner. The witness am hoping you both remain happy together.

All the girls break their fasts, Kunj makes Twinkle beverage water.
Babbe remembers niki and usha attributed her. Kunj says wow you’ve turned into an excellent wife. You aren’t eating after fasts. You’ve served this plate for the witness. Kunj says wow this is really delicious and begins eating. Twinkle begins passing out. Kunj makes her eat.

Precap: Babbe says this is the way you speak with your husband twinkle