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Tashan-e-Ishq full Written Episode 6th November 2015

Tashan-e-Ishq full Written Episode 6th November 2015:

Scene 1
Leela says to Raman that i cant visit Spark, Raman suggests you kept hoping on her and today when she really wants to meet you and is good then you’re preventing yourself why?
Spark ask Raman that where’s Kunj? is he good? Manohar says he’s good, you drink something or allow trickle is applied by nurse to you, Spark claims no i don’t get something, once Kunj returns then I’ll get everything you’re requesting comes there and suggests you started crisis to you again? he laughs at her, she’s happy to view him, both examine one another, Kunj ask nurse to use trickle, I understand she’s scared of drip thats why performing crisis, nurse used drip to her, Spark recognizes her dupatta in his fingers, Usha comes and says thank God you’re good, Kunj says i introduced the mud that you needed, Manohar ask why did you get so long? Kunj says my car’s split failed, I had been preserved from incident, Usha says that is happening due to Spark only, Kunj says enough, I’m saved due to Spark only, her dupatta got caught in tyres and vehicle stopped thus ultimately she saved my life, Spark discusses him carefully.

Spark says Leela didnt come to meet up after i became aware, ask her to speak with me Raman says she’s miffed with you-but she’ll become good and calls Raman, you look after yoursel.
Kunj provides medicine for Spark and have her to consider it, she says i wont have it, its sour, Kunj claims only time passed whenever you returned home as well as your resistance again, Spark claims just one time have approved as well as your taunts began again, Kunj says okay don’t get medicine then physician may use shot you and that I can make your funny movie, Spark suggests you wont have the ability to create my video when I am getting medicine, she takes medicine, Kunj suggests you didnt drink water after getting it? Kunj says you’ve made my life confused, you’ve absorbed my bed too, Spark suggests that is my bed too, Kunj says many fighting woman is becoming my spouse just, Kunj ask her to sleep, Spark suggests you’re not letting me to sleep while you keep blabbering, both looks at one another and would go to sleep.

Scene 2
In day, somebody provides cow and tractor in Manohar’s home, each one is surprised, guy comes there, Usha says you here? you didnt reveal that you’re coming, she touches his legs and discusses Manohar who’s hardened, Manohar is approximately to the touch his legs but man kicks him away, each one is surprised, guy says don’t you contact me cheater, you’re getting punished for the actions, its great which you came on streets, you’re spending money on your greed, you deserve all of this, Kunj attempts to come forward but man claims that i and Manohar’s chat hasnt completed, he’s taken enough help today he must remain by himself, Spark ask Nikki who’s he? Nikki says he’s Tauji, Manohar’s elder brother is, manohar’sed by elder brother, Tauji claims to Spark that I’m Surjeet Sarna, you’re Kunj’s partner right? tell me how much home Manohar required from your own family? Manohar says what’re you saying? Surjeet slaps him hard, he says you’ve no benefit to boost your speech infront of me in my own home just, from today-this is my home and that I can put your loved ones from below, he ask Spark not to look him, dont you think me? he made you daughterinlaw of home while you participate in wealthy family, he enjoys your cash, Manohar is liar and selfish person, Spark says I’m sorry to answer you-but dont say such as this about Manohar, I’m not insulting you-but Manohar is my family today and i don’t have the ability to hear against him, you cant offend them when I don’t keep that, Surjeet says he’s no regard that i cant offend him, I’ll let you know reality, he robbed me, got all of the property of our father, delivered us on roads and ranaway, Usha says Girl(below Girl slaps him and involves Surjeet, she claims perhaps you have gone crazy? How will you do that together with your family, Sujeet suggests what family you’re referring to? You’re our sister but lifted us like mom thats why we contact you girl, when he robbed us this Manohar didnt consider you, perhaps you have ignored all that? She involves Manohar girl says I’ve not forgotten something and suggests you’re my personal favorite brother and you robbed me? She says to Surjeet that there’ll no distinction between us and him if we do same like him, nobody can proceed from below, we may all stay here just like a family.

PRECAP- Kunj is standing at his if Spark has woken up Usha ask Kunj? He says no, she says I’ve to provide her Sargi, Kunj claims give me it, I’ll give her it, Usha says no mother-in-law makes sargi is eaten by daughterinlaw with her fingers, let me go in space