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Tashan-e-Ishq written episode 16th Jan 2016

Tashan-e-Ishq written episode 16th Jan 2016

Scene 1

Twinkle is speaking to Chinki on telephone and says I ‘ve given my e-mail id and phone no., now I ‘m assessing profiles, she stops call, Kunj inquires which profiles are you assessing? Twinkle believes he lies to me and needs to understand about everything that I do, I shall not tell him my plan, she says I ‘ve enrolled you on a website, on this website you’ll be able to sell your husband and may get free gift vouchers, Kunj says if I can get a great wife also from that point? you consistently reply me incorrect manner, both stare each other, Kunj grins looking at his telephone, Twinkle says Maya should have messaged him, Twinkle says you know I met Chinki now, we saw a popular man there, Kunj says good, Twinkle says I ‘ve decied today that.. Kunj leaves and gets call, Twinkle believes that he’s active on calls with her also, whats happening here, Kunj comes in room and stops phone, he says I ‘ve some work, he leaves, Twinkle gets mad.
Kunj comes to some location, he is met by the dad of Twinkle, he says I needed to speak with you personally, what is asked by Kunj? he says you can help me, I would like my family back, Kunj says what you did, you believe after that I’ll help you? Dad says I ‘m prepared to endure anything but I need their forgiveness, Kunj says you dont deserve it, dad says I understand I was wrong but I adore my loved ones like I used to, I left my family since I was weak, I lived in remorse entire life, my company was in loss subsequently I ‘d injury, after I returned, I located Leela changed to Amritsar afterward I got to understand that Leela got cash of my insurance as all thought I died so I believed if I return then authorities about Twinkle, I cant tell her about you being living, Leela will determine it, dad says as you say, Kunj says first Leela has to forgive you, come to Guradvarah tomorrow, dad says nothing give more happiness to than the undeniable fact that you’re my daughter’s husband, Twinkle is fortunate to have you, Kunj leaves

Scene 2
Leela and Kunj comes to Guradvarah, Leela asks whats the issue? Kunj says I believed to come here with you, Maya is seen by him, Kunj says to Leela that she studies in school with me, he says to Maya that she’s my mom and Twinkle, Maya is shouting Leela inquires? Leela requests Kunj what he’s doing here? Kunj says to make relationship with you Leela says you brought me here to make me meet with him? She questions her husband did he come here? Kunj says what you said to maya past? that we have to keep attempting to solve things, Leela asys I cant believe you’re choosing his side, Kunj says I met him yesterday, I really could see remorse in his eyes, I’d like to assist you both, you know that you’ll take choice after believing but I feel you need to give opportunity to him.

Leela says to her husband which you gained my son in the heart of law but you believe that you will be forgiven by me and will allow you in the life of my Twinkle? Atleast dont lie to yourself, don’t forget the time you’ve got no feelings for him? Dont you need him to be in life? Leela gets depressed.