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The best UK Routes for Campervan holidays

Staycations are becoming a popular option for UK holidaymakers as the pandemic restrictions begin to lift. Motorhomes and campervan holidays are perfect for those wanting to escape their hometown without traveling abroad. With a motorhome, you have the freedom to choose your routes and stop off at any spontaneous destination on the way. 

Motorhome enthusiasts often take their favorite homes year after year. However, if you are newer to this form of travel, it’s worth doing a little research. Travel to the coastal towns of Wales or explore the breathtaking Scottish Highlands. 

Here are the best motorhome routes in the UK, according to campervan insurance specialists Comfort Insurance.


Scotland was voted the most beautiful country in the world to visit in 2020. There are a whole host of options for motorhome holidaymakers. Visit the wild Scottish Highlands, explore the Isle of Sky, or take a motorhome to the Outer Hebrides just 30-miles off the coast. Scotland is the perfect destination for thrill-seekers and hikers. 

Don’t underestimate the distance between petrol stations if you are traveling through vast, remote areas. Accommodation tends to be sparse in rural Scotland, so make sure to book any campsites and hotels far in advance. Scotland is beautiful in the summer, but it can also get hectic in the hotter months.

Camping off road
Photo by Marian Mocanu on Unsplash


Wales is filled with stunning green landscapes and rolling hills. Take The Wales Way route into the heart of the country. The Wales Way is split into three distinct routes: The North Wales Way, Coastal Way, and Cambrian Way. The North Wale option follows an old trading route and passes through famous attractions, like Caernarfon Castle.

If you fancy a hike, why not climb the highest mountain in Wales and England? Snowdon is a brilliant hike, and you can always take the train back down if you’re exhausted at the top. 


The Lake District is undoubtedly the best place to take a motorhome in England. The Lake District has just been awarded UNESCO status and is filled with beautiful villages. Visit the magical village of Grasmere and learn about the famous writer William Wordsworth. Or, stay in the rural campsite, Hillside Farm, at the foot of Helvellyn. Make sure to take a look at Windermere; it’s the largest natural lake in England. 

Northern Ireland

Although Northern Ireland is the smallest of the four nations, it is filled with motorhome attractions. Take the Causeway Coastal Route and visit the famous filming locations of the hit tv show, Game of Thrones. Or, visit Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast, and admire the stunning architecture throughout the city. Northern Ireland is also home to some of the UK’s more beautiful beaches and coastal views. Just remember that the roads along these coastal routes can get very narrow, so watch your wing mirrors!

Featured Photo by Jake Stone on Unsplash