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The Craziest Things You Can Possibly Bet On

While most people are probably content to bet on things like horseraces, soccer matches, and poker games, there will always be a few gamblers who choose a different route. In practice, you can bet on virtually anything you want – as long as you find a bookie who is willing to take the bet. Just a few months ago, people were betting on the outcome of the US election. While some people might think this a little unorthodox, betting on elections is child’s play compared to some of the more… eccentric bets we’ve seen in the past. People have placed bets on some of the craziest things that you can imagine.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to bet on things you understand. If you consider yourself a sports expert, your insider knowledge could prove to be quite profitable. While sports are never entirely predictable (we’ve seen plenty of underdogs upset the favorites over the years), they’re probably more formulaic than the roll of a dice or a spinning roulette wheel. If you think you can predict sports results like nobody’s business, placing bets has never been easier. Just head over to MI Bets, pick your results and let the fun begin. 

However, if you’re interested (or just curious), there are a few other activities you can bet on… But we’ll warn you. These aren’t for the faint of heart… 

Cheese Rolling

At first glance, cheese rolling might seem like pure mayhem. After all, how is this even considered a sport? For the uninitiated, this pastime might simply seem like a crowd of people tumbling down a hill with a wheel of cheese in their midst. However, professional cheese rollers will tell you that this activity is no joke. The team that pushes their cheese down the hill the fastest wins. This sport is legal, which means that you can openly bet on the winners if you so desire. Most people would prefer to eat their cheese and drink wine while watching others roll cheese downhill.

The Next Pope

For countless Catholics around the world, the process of deciding who gets to be the next pope is no joke. This is a very serious decision, and months of planning go into the final decision. Of course, it is a massive honor for any clergy member who is chosen to fill this role, as the pope has an enormous influence on the world. As crazy as it might sound, people are already placing bets on who will be the next pope – even though the current pope is perfectly healthy. If you so desire, you could place your bet on the next pope – although some knowledge of the “major players” is definitely recommended. 

The End of the World

Yes, you can place a bet on the official date of the “end of the world.” There have been countless doomsday prophecies and predictions over the years, from the Mayan calendar “end date” of 2012 to the predicted computer meltdown of Y2K. Well, humanity is still standing… But that doesn’t mean the end isn’t indeed nigh. Now, this bet is clearly insane for a very obvious reason. If the world has indeed ended, then how would you cash your bet? What would you spend your money on when the planet is completely gone? A spaceship, perhaps?

The Existence of Aliens

We’ve been hearing rumors about aliens’ existence for years, but could intelligent life really be out there? If you think you know the answer, then you can put your money where your mouth is. There are bookies out there who accept bets on the exact date the president will fully disclose the existence of aliens. Some think that the date might come quite soon, while others predict it will be many years from now. If you have insider information, then you could win quite a payday. 

Ferret Bingo

Ferret for bingo
Photo by Serena Koi from Pexels

Yes, ferret bingo is a thing… and yes, you can bet on it. Here’s how it works: the ferret is placed into a cage with several “exit tunnels.” When the ferret emerges from one particular tunnel, the number on top of that tunnel is the winning number. Apparently, ferret bingo is all the rage in certain parts of the world. People are so serious about this game that they have even accused each other of using specially-trained ferrets who favor certain numbers over others. It is so serious, in fact, that some people are known to place enormous bets on the outcome of these bingo games. If you’re feeling adventurous, ferret bingo might be just what the doctor ordered. 

You Can Bet That Things Stay the Same

It’s possible to place a so “normal” bet that it ends up being more insane than anything we’ve mentioned so far. You can bet that things remain the same. A classic example was in 1989 when a Welshman bet that several things would remain the same by 2000. Among other things, he predicted that EastEnders would still be on television and that the band U2 would still be together. Amazingly, all of his predictions turned out to be accurate, and he won over $300,000 as a result. If you have any crazy predictions about what will remain the same in the next few decades, perhaps you could win big as well!

You Can Bet on Children

Little League
Image by Keith Johnston from Pixabay

Yes, you can legally bet on children. More specifically, you can bet on children who you think will one day become star athletes. Many years ago, a man saw a young Lewis Hamilton racing go-karts as a boy. He saw the boy’s talent, and he placed a bet that he would one day win a Formula One race. The bet proved to be a stroke of genius, and the man won over $200,000 when his prediction came true. If you think you know a future child prodigy, then you could potentially repeat this achievement. 

You Can Bet on Eight Losing Teams at the Same Time

Of course, you can place relatively crazy bets without venturing into obscure activities like cheese rolling and ferret bingo. If you want to make sports betting a little more interesting, then why not place a bet on eight losing teams at the same time? A man once made this crazy decision during the English Premier League. All eight teams came back from behind to win, netting this lucky gambler a sum of over $820,000.