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These are the Least and Most Lawn Confident States this Father’s Day

A new survey from Michigan Bulb discovered the U.S. states that are the most lawn proud—and envious.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to celebrate all of the hardworking, amazing dads in our lives. 

When we were young, we all know that we were in love with our lawns. Children do a lot of activities and play a lot of sports in the land.

Dads and lawns

The question that we all have in our mind is why do dads love lawns so much?

 The answer is pretty simple. The lawn is a place where the whole family can get together and do many activities and share their thoughts. We can also do functions on our lawn. A lawn is a place to love and make into a beautiful piece of land.

The reason fathers love and learn because it gives them a sense of pleasure to see plants growing and flowers blooming. When the same question was asked of different dads, they had answers like,

  • “Doing the work in the backyard is great on the weekends;
  • we spend our most of the time on the land,
  • it is great to be alone like that,
  • we love our work and would like to maintain natural things and make our lawn more beautiful,
  • it is like nourishment to my soul.”

According to another dad, “my name is Alex, and I am a father of a four-year-old daughter; we have a dog and soon-to-be a son in two months. I love my lawn and every time I go to my lawn, I feel pleasure and great joy. I am planning to start many new projects in my backyard. I always love being around my backyard. I love natural things and plants. It is so good to have a lawn like that”.

There is a great connection between American dads and the lawns they have. 

I would like to share the love of another dad to its lawn,

“My name is Michael, and I live in Michigan; I have a stunning lawn. I love my lawn because it makes me happy and makes me proud of what I have done. I have designed it in such a way that it looks fantastic. It is amazing how it helps me relieve all the stress that I have during the day. I have done a lot of hard work on my lawn. I have celebrated many family functions on the lawn like birthday parties, graduations, and many other family functions. It makes me feel even greater when others admire this beautiful lawn. It is a complete package of satisfaction.

We all know that one of dad’s favorite summer activities is working on that lawn, making it pristine, and rewarding himself with an ice-cold beer—But where in the country do they feel most proud of their lawns? 

A recent survey from Michigan Bulb surveyed over 2700 people in America to discover the states that feel the most and least lawn confident. 

According to the survey, Rhode Islanders are the most lawn confident state in the country. When asked if they thought their lawn was better than their neighbors, 46% of respondents said yes. In North Carolina, 43% said they thought their lawns were the best, making them the 2nd most lawn-confident state in the country, followed by New Hampshire, Kansas, and Alaska. 

These surveys not only show the most lawn confident and least lawn confident states in the United States of America, but it also shows the love and affection of humans with greenery. The more the human is close to nature, the more he/she is close to his own soul.

Here’s the full list of the most lawn confident states: 

Most Confident Lawns
Most Confident Lawns

But which dads are the least proud of their lawns this Father’s Day? Well, Michigan Bulb asked that question too. According to the survey, Maine takes the number one spot as the most lawn envious state in the U.S. Just a measly .5% of respondents said they had the best lawn, while 99.5% of Mainers were envious of their neighbors’. The most envious states after Maine were Arizona (5% lawn confident), Wisconsin (5.6%), and Louisiana (8.7%).

Here’s the full list of the most lawn envious states:

Least Confident Lawns
Least Confident Lawns

Did any of the insights surprise you?

So while dads are celebrating their special day with a barbeque or perhaps a baseball game on TV, we all know the ones who won’t be smiling proudly at their lawns this Father’s Day. 

And to the men in Rhode Island, North Carolina, and New Hampshire—Congrats, we’re sure your grass is just as spectacular as you believe it is.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Featured Image by Eszter Miller on Pixabay