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Tips for Jumpstarting Your Morning

Of all the bad parts of 2020, one thing that the United States has yet to experience is a COVID-19 winter. As if there wasn’t enough to complain about already, a large portion of the country now has to deal with cold, snow, additional closures due to weather, and many more things related to the next few months that certainly weren’t mentioned in “Winter Wonderland” at any point. 

As the days get shorter, it only gets more difficult to stay motivated and keep with a routine that makes the “new normal” (by now, pretty much just the ‘normal’) bearable. Still, there are ways to keep your mind and body motivated, even if going outside is not in the cards. The most difficult part of any routine is the start, and jumpstarting your morning can be made easier with some proper tactics even in the face of cold and snow. Taking some cues in stress management from nurses and other heroes of the pandemic, here are a few ways to get your brain and body moving in the morning. Some you probably already do, but add the ones you don’t and try different combinations!

Steady Sleep

Though the amount of time each individual needs to sleep to be chipper in the morning differs from person to person, a steady schedule of sleep is paramount for all who want to fall into a productive morning routine. Unlike skipping the gym or cheating on a diet, missing sleep isn’t something you can make up for by sleeping extra the next night. That extra sleep only furthers your body’s negative response to irregular sleep patterns, making for another bad morning. Sleep, at any time, gives your mind and body a rest, but when it’s scheduled, it also signals to them a sign of regularity, which means less stress. 

Get Creative With Your Alarm

Alarm clock
Image by congerdesign on Pixabay

Nobody knows you better than you, and though the classic “put your alarm clock across the room” works for some, it’s impractical for others not to have their phones bedside. Some people can simply walk across the room and get comfortable back in bed in the blink (or closure) of an eye, so you need to figure out a way to get up at the same time every day that suits you. 

Get a Cold Shower

A cold shower is a great way to jumpstarting your morning. Cold wakes up the body and the mind, and it doesn’t hurt to take on the day smelling nice and fresh, either. Even with the COVID-19 orders that have caused many people to work from home, a nice morning shower serves self as much as it may have served coworkers in the past. The simple mindset that you are getting ready for work will help when work comes, even if the new commute is the only bedroom to office. 

Start the Day With a Self Goal

Work is stressful. There is no way around that. If you seem to be having trouble starting your day because you know most of it will be work-related, set aside time to work on something for you in the morning. It may be a book, a workout, or even just 20 minutes of your favorite video game, but doing anything that makes you feel accomplished is a great way to jumpstarting your morning, especially if you’re having trouble feeling accomplished at work

Change Your Diet

Healthy breakfast
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Even if you have a relatively healthy diet, mixing it up in the morning can spark interest in the body’s mind and energy. If you currently skip breakfast, stop doing that! Even just some toast is better than nothing, but if you’re able to pack it in, any sort of fruits and vegetables is a great jumpstart from a nutritional standpoint. 

Habits similar to these should continue throughout the day because just like a steady sleep schedule sets you up for a good morning, a nice day-to-day schedule makes sure you’ll be tired at night and can get that much-needed sleep for jumpstarting your morning the next day. 

Featured Image by Avi Chomotovski from Pixabay