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Cook Like A Foodie Even When Camping

If you’re heading off for a vacation under canvas you might be wondering what you’re going to eat. Cooking on campsites has gone a long way from simply opening a can of soup and heating it over a campfire! Now, you can cook like a foodie even if you’re a camping novice thanks to the latest advances in camping cookware.

These days, there are camping stoves available in a host of sizes and shapes. You can go for a 2 burner model, a portable grill, or even a full-scale camping oven. You can even get grill plates which you can fit over a campfire for a more traditional experience with none of the hassle. On the other hand, if you’re backpacking, a compact stove with a lightweight pot is the ideal solution. So, how do you cook like a foodie under canvas? Let’s take a look.

Getting The Right Equipment

Right Equipment

The very first step is to make sure you have the right equipment to prepare all the foods you have in mind. Plan every meal before you set off so that you already know in advance exactly what you’re going to be cooking and the best way to prepare them. Preparation is always the key to successful camping cuisine. If you’re going to be taking your car to the campsite you’ve got a lot more flexibility. You can choose a larger camping oven that will let you cook joints of meat and casserole dishes, or a combination burner/grill set up which lets you cook a wide range of foods from stir-fries to cheese on toast! View this page to find out more about how to select the best camping stoves for you. The key is making sure that you have the right cookware to go with your camping stove. Make sure that your chosen pots and pans are suitable for use with the type of camping stove that you’ve selected. Also, don’t forget that you’re going to need some utensils too. Otherwise, how are you going to stir your sauce or serve your steak? Don’t forget key items like bottle openers and can openers too, otherwise, you’re going to struggle if you’re out on the trail – there may not be any stores available to replace those missing items!

Keeping Your Food At The Right Temperature

You don’t want to give your family food poisoning during your camping trip, so make sure to keep your food at the right temperature. You need to make sure that perishables are kept below 40 degrees Fahrenheit as otherwise, bacteria can grow. You should take along a thermometer to ensure that your food is safe to eat. You’ll need at least one cooler and perhaps two, depending on how long you’re traveling for. Try to freeze most of your food before you set off on your trip. If you freeze the vegetables and meat before heading off, these foods will stay cold and your cooler will also stay colder for longer. It goes without saying that raw meat must be kept in a watertight container to avoid cross-contamination. Try to keep your cooler as tightly packed as possible as this will ensure it stays cold too. Whenever you take items out of your cooler, use ice to fill the empty space.

Take Along Some Spices

When you’re camping it can be tempting to simply take the absolute basics. However, spices won’t take up a lot of room in your backpack or car and you’ll be amazed by how much difference they can make to your meals. Even something very simple such as a plain tomato pasta sauce can be radically improved by the addition of a few herbs and spices. There’s nothing more boring than plain foods, so taking along some cayenne pepper, some paprika, some mixed herbs and, of course, some salt and pepper, will give a little more variety to even the most ordinary meals and make you feel as if you’re indulging in a culinary experience.

When you’re heading off on a camping trip, there’s no need to worry about food when you follow this advice. You’re sure to enjoy every meal just as much as if you were at home! You will be able to cook like a foodie even when camping.

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