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Tu Mera Hero full Written Episode of 5th November 2015

Tu Mera Hero full Written Episode of 5th November 2015:

The episode begins with Rekha requesting her share to be given by Surekha. She says she won’t allow her kids ask to others, they’re certified. All of them get surprised. Rekha says till today, I m requesting time I didn’t ask something. Govind says until I m living I will not notice this department word have food otherwise don’t have, I won’t allow this property divided. Vaishaili is gone with by Rekha. Why did she do that Mukund and Keshav discuss Rekha. Mukund claims this has been done by Vaishaili, she informed Rekha that more home was given by Govind to Titu.

Keshav claims if bahus are mistaken, its our responsibility to describe and prevent this residence from bursting, she’s not out of this house, no, she’ll be mistaken, you’ve to describe her. Vaishaili says Govind has been doing partiality and comes, I noticed Surekha and Govind stating they noticed performing additional due to their beautiful boy. She says I noticed them, Govind might have hidden these documents below, demonstrate and I’ll think it is. They ask what’s she. She claims when bungalow is made by Titu there, you’ll understand.

A guy requires them did Govind let them know about this piece and comes. Did he let you know too, she asks. He claims no, I noticed him saying he purchased this property for someone special. She asks them to determine today. Keshav signals no. Everybody in family is angry. Bhagwati says Rekha isn’t easting, she’ll get sick. Panchi says I’ll speak with her. Her prevents and would go to speak with Rekha.

She suggests you realize I didn’t have sister, and that I created you my sister. She asks how do keep these things separate house. She cries and requires Rekha to possess food. Rekha says after Titu was created anything changed. She asks I wrong to consider my kids. Bhagwati and Panchi appear on.

Titu requires and comes Rekha what’s she. He asks her to possess food and claims you’re Kanha, without providing bhog for you as no body takes food here. Keshav retains and comes Titu’s hand to prevent him. Mukund says we would like department. Titu requires Mukund did he get crazy. Govind requires everyone to return out, he’ll declare his choice. All of them venture out.

Govind shows the decision that Rekha’s existence didn’t do according to her decision, she’s scared for her kids, therefore its good, I’ve obtained decision, I’ll provide privileges of check out Rekha, and provide home tips to her, we shall take whatever she says. All of them get surprised. Govind says he’ll not separate the home, but he’ll provide Rekha his place. Titu says yes, Panchi and that I will even leave our space, Mukund or Keshav could remain there. Bhagwati cries. Govind says Rekha may do something its her at this time, for that household. Surekha gets surprised and requires the secrets to be taken by Rekha. She provides her all of the privileges which Rekha required and retains the secrets to Rekha. Rekha is asked by Bhagwati just how can she do that. Panchi requires Bhagwati to abandon it, its great we shall remain together. The recommendations are taken by Rekha. Bhagwati suggests that is insult of Surekha and Govind.

Vaishaili is pleased to change In Panchi’s and Titu room and shows Mukund that she wanted this space. Govind and Surekha’s picture is seen by Rekha and cries. Keshav appears on. Rekha says I won’t remain below, I’ll rest in my own space, if you like you are able to rest here. Surekha claims she came to her and views Rekha, she forgot to express about fan switch. Govind says he’ll get ir tomorrow fixed.

Govind, Panchi, Titu and Surekha rest with Sundar in corridor. Mosquitoes trouble Sundar and him pacifies. Rekha appears on. Vaishaili requires Mukund to rest on sleep. Mukund claims he’s currently finding it strange. All of them lie to sleep. Surekha says anything has been forgotten by Rekha. Govind claims Surekha, we also have to become individual and are parents, perhaps we did mistake. Rekha cries.

Panchi shows Titu that Govind confirmed his discomfort doing that. Don’t fear is said by Titu, anything is going to be good.

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