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Udaan full Written Episode 6th November 2015

Udaan full Written Episode 6th November 2015:

The episode begins with Kasturi stating Chakor has return. Amma says he’s Choka. Kasturi suggests you’re laying, view this really is Chakor, and it is going to remove limit. Tejaswini claims Chakor is useless and comes there. Arjun is hidden behind by Bhagya. Tejaswini says should you all don’t acknowledge I’ve observed Chakor dying on television, you’ll be killed. She asks Bhagya in the future infront. Arjun asks Bhagya to not cover. Arjun says he and Bhagya have committed. Tejaswini says I don’t think this relationship. Bhagya shouts. Arjun requires Bhagya to not be forced by Tejaswini.

Arjun intends and takes Bhagya. Bhagya says she held this quickly for his longevity, nothing must occur to him and cries, she’ll move haveli. Arjun asks her to prevent. Bhagya and Tejaswini leave. Abha requires Arjun to possess courage, they’ll combine. Did they allow Tejaswini consider Bhagya Chakor requires villagers. Amma says you talked like Chakor, so most people are looking.

Chakor requires villagers to have a mean themselves. Imli claims this can’t be Chakor, as mum’s didn’t separate quickly. Chakor says yes, I’ll also not shed, mum’s will split quickly, we’ve to accomplish anything. Tejaswini provides talks and Bhagya house to Ranjana. Bhagya cris.

Chakor applies water on Bhuvan’s mind. Chakor says its Kasturi’s quickly. Bhuvan fails Kasturi’s quickly, and says yes. Where did Arjun go Abha claims. The woman says he went to haveli after Bhagya. Abha says I complements Amma and have to prevent Arjun. Arjun is asked by Tejaswini dare he are available in haveli, she’ll contact authorities. Arjun says both I consider or will die my spouse, you can’t separate people. Arjun is caught by the servants.

Abha requires regulation to not be taken by Tejsawini she may get arrest again. Tejaswini claims. Amma asks Tejaswini is she doing right, she’s not really a mom, but she understands every mother desires that her child forms, you’re performing reverse, inform me is Arjun poor, he’s informed, youthful, fine, great individual, Bhagya and Arjun enjoy one another, bless them and deliver them. Ranjana says Amma says right.

Bhagya cries and contains Tejaswini’s hand. Bhagya says I’ve to visit my house. Arjun wishes her great and says I am aware you’re Bhagya’s mother, I guarantee you, I’ll keep Bhagya content. Tejaswini claims however, you can’t consider my child such as this. She claims Bhagya may have bidaai in great way as well as with all customs. All of them laugh. Tejaswini says hugs her and I’ll do her bidaai.

Her breaks . Chakor laughs. The villagers come to understand Arjun and Bhagya are currently uniting. Chakor gets satisfied. Tejaswini blesses hugs and Bhagya her. Arjun says don’t understand how, however, you got after Chakor went the area which got emptied, I understand you did too much to combine Bhagya and me. Arjun requires if required Choka to contact and provides his card. Bhagya and Arjun and Chakor embrace.

Her friend and Chunni are on the road. Manohar and Bhaiya ji appear on and remember inspector’s phrases, he is going to do incident of Chunni’s friend Chunni can be burdened by Bhaiya ji by her benefit. Chunni turns and gets surprised viewing rider likely to reach her friend.

Chakor, Aditya and Vivaan talk in town about Diwali celebrations. She says she’ll fulfill her mother as Chakor.