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Udaan Written Episode 3rd February 2016

Udaan Written Episode 3rd February 2016

The Episode starts with Chakor taking varmala indoors. Girdhari Lal asks where’s varmala. Ranjana says Tejaswini said she’ll organize it. Where is she, Bhaiya Ji inquires. Ranjana says she will be shocked, leave it, Papa another varmala is arranged by you. Girdhari Lal says yes, and goes. Bhaiya ji says whats demand for varmala; you set your arms around me Ranjana. Ranjana laughs and says I wish to do healthy marriage which doesn’t break.

Girdhari Lal says varmala is coming, till then enjoy the dancing, I called Rajasthani dancers. Where’s Chakor Khanna asks, she said she will dance. Om says she went to prepare. Vishaka says she got prepared already. Chakor comes with varmala. The dancer asks clothing to change fast and requires varmala to keep aside. Arjun is on the way and reaches rainbow circus. Arjun says the union of Kamal Narayan and gets shocked. He informs Bhagya. Bhagya is shocked and says Papa’s marriage can Chakor go there, how do you know its Chakor. Arjun says a student can not hide anything from Guru, its Chakor, I ‘ve to go there. Bhagya says I ‘ll pray that Lord helps you and Chakor.

Chakor dances with the dancers on the song Dhol bajne laga. The dancers get Ranjana and Bhaiya ji to dance. Chakor conceals her face seeing him. Chakor takes the varmala and goes. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana go and sit back in their chairs. Everyone clap for the dancers. The firearms clean. Suraj brings Imli. If she doesn’t fire by enjoyment, Suraj penalizes Imli and says, then he will punish her parents. Imli gets the gun and fires in the bullseye of the dart. She requests will your goons not shoot at my parents. He laughs.

Bhaiya Ji asks Ranjana to appreciate the Rajasthani dancing. She says I don’t know to regret losing Manohar, or be happy that you approved me, where did Tejaswini go. She smiles and fools him. Tejaswini is seen by Bhaiya Ji and says do not worry, she is there, coming.

Tejaswini asks Girja about varmala she purchased. Girja says don’t know, varmala that is new is coming. Chakor gets varmala and hears Tejaswini talking on the telephone, about the dangerous thing. Chakor turns and remembers the guy giving her varmala. Varmala is seen by Tejaswini and stops her. Chakor hides her face.

Tejaswini sees another varmala coming and gets mistaken. She requests Girja to keep this varmala there. Chakor believes what’s there in varmala and presumes to focus.

Ranjana chooses the varmala and Tejaswini to get happy. Tejaswini says Ranjana will perish as a widow. Girdhari lal says we have a tradition to alter varmala thrice, so the relationship gets strong. Bhaiya ji says good, now your family is mine. Tejaswini stresses. Ranjana exchange and Bhaiya ji garlands. Everyone clap. Tejaswini sees the Bob Garland coming to the side of Bhaiya ji, and thinks the bomb can explode anytime. She says Lord save him. Chakor hears her. Tejaswini yells to him. He asks what occurred. She says nothing. Ranjana says I think maybe she got a big shock.

Tejaswini goes and worries seeing the bomb varmala. She asks the man about the bomb in more roses varmala and calls someone. She believes what to do Bhaiya ji is wearing the bomb varmala. Chakor gets shocked hearing this and repeats the same.

Chakor says Bhaiya ji is awful, if anything occurs to him, I’ll be proved a killed. Varmala is taken by her from Bhaiya ji and runs. The bomb bursts and everyone gets shocked.