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Virgo Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF July 30 – August 5, 2018

Struggling to find a healthy work-life balance? This Thursday, August 2, a flummoxing fracas involving driven Mars and disruptive Uranus could ramp up your stress levels. Part of you is willing to burn the midnight oil in hopes of impressing the powers that be. But with Uranus stirring up your ninth house of travel and adventure, another side is mentally packing for a Hawaiian holiday. Time to find a better balance between hustle and play—before you lose sight of your own happiness. Take the breather you deserve, but if you’re going to leave loose ends hanging make sure to inform your colleagues of your progress so they don’t develop unrealistic expectations. While disruptive, the Mars-Uranus square might point to a larger issue, Virgo. Have you set your life up so that you’re constantly behind the eight ball or racing to drum up new income streams? Think more like an entrepreneur than a hired gun. For example, if you’re a service provider, what if you offered packages instead of one-time deals, so that you create a repeat client base? Offering bulk discounts might also keep the money flowing in—and, by extension, allow you to have the security you need to slip off on those vacations, worry free! With Uranus in your worldly ninth house, some Virgos will hear the prompt to scout out new territory. Success might be waiting on the opposite coast or in another country code! If you’re not ready to relocate, maybe you could set up a second base of operations there.

This weekend, the truth becomes increasingly self-evident. If you’ve been making excuses for another person’s behavior or compromising your ideals, Saturday’s quarter moon in Taurus will bring down the hammer. Consider this a lunar line in the sand. People will show you (and oftentimes, straight-up tell you) who they are. Have you been refusing to listen, Virgo? Stop reading between the lines or trying to decode the REAL motives behind that sketchy behavior. At the end of the day, it doesn’t REALLY matter that bae is dealing with major mommy issues or your coworker has “a past”—not if this is interfering with your serenity! The time has come to set aside wishful thinking and look at the reality of a situation. It’s easy to fall in love with people’s potential, but it’s up to THEM to step into that greatness…or not. If you keep seeing the same facts over and over again, start believing them. Of course, this quarter moon can have a positive application. Guarded Virgos may finally get enough “evidence” that it’s safe to move forward on a relationship or opportunity. The weekend may provide the perfect setting for a heart to heart about feelings…and next steps! This quarter moon could also bring news about a long-distance opportunity. If you’re not hopping on a flight, you might be conferencing with a long-distance collaborator on Zoom. Cast a wider net in all that you’re searching for, whether it’s love, friendship or job opportunities. A cross-cultural connection might click close to home, too. Keep your ears perked for accents and don’t judge a book by its cover. Some Virgos will be inspired to stretch in the figurative sense, signing up for a class that expands your skill set. Are you an entrepreneur? This quarter moon brings a rush of momentum to your ventures. Virgo writers may land a killer byline, get a book deal or tap into self-publishing tools to get your work in print.

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