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Where To Go On a Yoga Retreat

Sometimes with the stress of daily life, work, family, errands, etc. it’s simply time for “Me Time.” When you’re a Mom and wife it isn’t always easy to get that “Me Time” when you have to meet those daily demands and responsibilities. What can I say though? That’s just a part of life. Regardless of what you do in life and all of those responsibilities, at some point, you should be able to find time for yourself. Every woman needs an escape once in a while, whether it’s going to the spa to get a massage, a pedicure, or just to climb in bed and read a romance novel without interruptions. We all deserve to do something relaxing and something that we enjoy doing.

yoga practice

For me, that escape would be yoga. Yoga is a way for me to just wind down and relax at the end of a busy day or at the end of a busy week; whenever I have time to meditate I take part in it. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to find time to do yoga when you have four kids; including two toddlers that run around the house. I typically aim to get my yoga in first thing in the morning before having the get the kids off for school and take the little ones to daycare. Regardless, it’s best that I get some type of meditation in rather than none at all.

The Ultimate Getaway

We, women, tend to stress out more than men. We sort of handle stress differently than what they do. This is why yoga is more of something that you see women doing; although there are a handful of men out there that take part in it as well. I have tried to get my husband to partake in yoga, but hunting and going to the shooting range is more up his alley.

Anyways, ladies, if you are looking for something to do in your spare time or when you have a few days off of work, you should definitely consider visiting a yoga retreat. It’s a much more different experience compared to visiting a local yoga class that is still situated in a busy environment that most of us live in. I have been to a few of them over the past few years and I can definitely say that I felt renewed and rejuvenated after returning back home from them.

Escape to a Yoga Retreat

A couple of weeks ago I had paid time off from my job which was pretty nice because I generally try to do something for myself if I haven’t been able to get out of the house and just breathe. So my husband decided to take over the kids for a week so that I could get away and detox from all of the stress from my job and just everyday responsibilities. He and I actually sort of switch up, when he has paid time off I let him go on an adventure with his buddies or alone if he chooses and vice versa. It actually helps us to have some balance in our relationship as well. I’m a big believer in everyone having some alone time once in a while.

With that being said I was able to get away for a few days to a yoga retreat. I have been on a couple of retreats in the past and it was pretty nice; I actually went with my best friend the time before this last time. We had a blast; they had wine! What woman doesn’t want a nice glass of wine after a nice relaxing yoga session?

This particular retreat that I visited was one I found out about through a friend. Although I took my friend’s word for it being a wonderful place to go to experience some tranquility, I definitely wanted to read up on it more.

Amethyst Heaven

The retreat is called Amethyst, and it is definitely what I call a piece of heaven to visit. I was able to take a look at their schedule and find a time that worked for me. The classes were three hours long; I chose to go on a Monday.

What I’d like to say the best part about this retreat was the location of it. It was pure tranquility and peace. It’s located out in the country, far from the busy streets, loud cars honking and crazy pedestrians. When I got there it was such a beautiful scenery of trees and perfect green grass; you could hear the birds chirping. It was just the perfect atmosphere for yoga.

Variety of Classes

yoga class

I really liked the variety of unique classes that Amethyst offered. I was able to choose from the different classes and pick one that fits with my current needs and lifestyle. They had classes that allowed you to work on various areas of your body according to your specific needs.

I really wanted to get into better balancing so the class that I chose was an evening arm balance class which helps to build strength for various different yoga practices. I was introduced to new moves that I could do at home in my spare time in my own personal routines. I enjoyed this class so much I decided to sign up for a second class.

The second class that I signed up for was the Functional Anatomy of Shoulders class. This was also a class that I really enjoyed because it helped with mastering various different breathing techniques. This class also incorporated various poses. Their purpose was to strengthen the shoulders. There was a break in between as it was a 3 hour class.

Another perk about being a part of a yoga routine is that when you go regularly, you start to meet other like-minded people and you can even meet life-long friends. I thoroughly enjoyed it; the experience was well worth my time and money.

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