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Which kind of Insurance is Obligatory in Norway?

Which kind of insurance is obligatory in Norway? Which one to choose if you are determined to provide yourself with the broadest range of protection? Check below. 

When moving to a new country, we first try to solve the affairs regarding our legal stay. Work permit registered address, public health insurance, and tax number are the first things you need to take care of when settling down in a foreign country.

These procedures differ, depending on your country of origin – if you move from one EU member country to another, it is usually easier because it excludes visas. However, when it comes to moving your car or buying it in the country, the same rules apply to every foreign citizen.  

Before changing your address for Norwegian, you probably have checked the rules regarding registering your car on the country’s territory. Usually, it requires fulfilling certain legal requirements and paying a fee. But what about the insurance? Are you required to invest in any on the territory of Norway? 

The obligatory insurance in Norway

In most European countries, there is obligatory insurance required from every driver and extended to more expensive options. The same rule applies to Norway. The basic liability insurance is called Ansvarforsikring. It only covers the costs of reparation after the collision if the driver is not responsible for it. If you cause an accident, this basic insurance won’t be a source of any financial support.  

Optional insurance in Norway – Kasko or Delkasko

Accidents happen even to the most excellent drivers. Owning a car, you also cannot predict such events as acts of vandalism, fire, or theft. That’s why investing in extended insurance should not ever be treated as wasted money. What options you have when living in Norway? 

The first one is Delkasko.

Extended insurance covers the damages connected to thefts and robberies, and fires; floods are third-party damages. In case you need roadside assistance, you can use it without worrying about cost – Delkasko will also cover it.  


If you are determined to provide yourself with the highest protection on every level, Kasko should be your first choice. It covers any damage, even if the responsibility is on your side. Also, in case of theft, robbery, vandalism, or fire, you will receive full recompensation. 

Kasko and Delkasko are optional, but don’t forget about buying and renewing your Ansvarforsikring! The police are entitled to check it during any routine control. 

Article prepared in cooperation with LOCAL MARKET

Featured Photo by Mikita Karasiou on Unsplash