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Why Is Instagram So Powerful for Your Business and Personal Brand?

Most people know about how powerful Instagram has become in this day and age. Instagram has impacted the business world in highly positive ways. The marketing teams of different companies have leveraged the power of Instagram in hundreds of ways. 

However, there are still some businesses that are still not aware of how powerful Instagram can be. In fact, it is also beneficial for personal brands. This article will take you through why Instagram is one of the most powerful business tools in this day and age. 

1. Emphasizes storytelling

One of the most important aspects of any business is storytelling. Instagram emphasizes the same. If you want to sell products and services, then you should be able to sell stories. Business is also about building perspectives in the mind of the customers. Businesses that are able to do it successfully are highly profitable. Thus, Instagram should be used since it emphasizes storytelling particularly. 

2. Visual content is the key

Gone are the days when textual and other forms of content were important. Things have changed a lot. Visual content is the key now, and Instagram is the main proponent of visual content. In fact, it is completely based on sharing visuals, either in the form of images or videos. It is a great platform if you want to engage with the fans and keep them coming again and again. It can be a great channel in order to interact visually with potential customers and make more money. 

3. Reach millions of people

Powerful Instagram
Photo by Shopify Partners from Burst

If you want to reach millions of people, then Instagram is the right place. This is because it will help you to connect with millions of people. There are over 900 million users on Instagram. This makes it the right channel to connect with people. However, you need to be sure that you are doing the right thing. For instance, use the right hashtags. Connect with the right influencers. You must also focus on getting Famoid’s likes in order to effectively use this social media channel. 

4. Engagement with community

When it comes to engagement rates, Instagram has the best figures. It even beats other channels such as Twitter and Facebook. The brand engagement rate is remarkable. This means that the audience on Instagram is more open to content compared to other platforms. This results in creative and innovative opportunities for businesses and personal brands in the market. 

5. Keep an eye on competitors

One of the key things that successful businesses do is keep an eye on their competitors. This is important so that you can analyze key trends in the market. However, businesses should not lose their originality in doing so. Instagram is one of the platforms where you will definitely find your competitors. Thus, it can be used to keep an eye on them and analyze what they are doing to attract more customers than you should be doing as well. 

Featured Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst