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Written episode of Diya Aur Baati Hum on 4th Nov 2015

Written episode of Diya Aur Baati Hum on 4th Nov 2015:

The Episode starts with everyone standing for moon sighting rituals. Meenakshi tells about the diya its blowing off. The diya is covered by Sooraj. Bhabho says I’ll break Sooraj’s wife fast by my hands today. Sandhya weeps. Someone comes there and stops them. They all look on shocked.

Meenakshi asks them to do social work. Brij says its crime that is legal to do second union, having first wife. Meenakshi asks is this the matter which Sandhya wished to tell you.

Brij says Lalima is illiterate, but Sandhya ji you’re police officer, inspiration for girls, how did law broke in this house, you failed to try to quit it, why did you not take action against Sooraj. Emily says Sooraj and Sandhya failed to agree for this whatever occurred wasn’t deliberate, Lalima has ended her relation and asks Lalima to say truth to them. Brij inquires is she saying right, did you stop your relation with Sooraj lawfully?

Lalima is asked by Babasa why is she quiet. Emily asks Lalima to reply them. Vikram and Meenakshi ask Lalima to say. Brij says I believe she did not apply thumb impression by her wish, she was driven for it, she is able to file charge, they have more evidence, your mum in law said Sooraj and Sandhya have got your thumbnail feeling by convincing you, Sooraj is egotistical and has disrespected two women’s rights, this is crime law wise and humanity shrewd, so he’s taken in custody. Vikram asks Lalima what is he. Vikram ask something to be said by Lalima. Shocked is looked on by Bhabho.

The constable shows the handcuffs. Lalima stays silent. Vikram asks something to be said by Bhabho. Not Sooraj’s blunder says its and stops constable, he did not do anything, he did not approve two wives, when I got Lalima, I used to be obstinate, take me to jail, he failed to agree to me, punish me. Sandhya cries. The constable asks her to say this in court, they should take Sooraj.

Lalima believes she got Sooraj after bunch of hardwork, she is going to lose Sooraj if she gives statement, she can’t lose her love.

Arrest Sooraj is said by Brij. Sooraj remains cool. Sandhya discontinues them. They look at Sandhya. Sandhya says Sooraj ji can’t be arrested by you, the blame is that he’s two wives, I will end this blame today. Sandhya now asks paper and a pen. Sandhya signs on some papers. Bhabho looks on shocked. Sandhya says I will not have any relation with Sooraj from today.

Babasa questions what’s she doing. Babasa asks Bhabho to see Lalima, who needs her husband at any cost, if her husband’s house breaks and even when he goes jail, and this Sandhya who don’t want any trouble to come on her husband. Sandhya what is she doing, its madness is asked by Emily, she is risking her everything. She says Sooraj is known by everyone and you adore each other a lot. Baati and Diya are incomplete without each other, you both were away for 8 months, but collectively, and now this is being decided by you, this will definitely destroy many lives. Sooraj, Lalima and Sandhya cry.

Emily says Sandhya married Sooraj 14 years ago by all rites, they supported each other always, they never fell poor, how can she drop poor today, about Sooraj’s jail, they’re going to speak to enormous attorney and get bond for Sooraj tomorrow, but don’t determine this. Vikram asks Sandhya to think again. Sandhya says I won’t let Sooraj remain in police station too. Babasa cries, while Bhabho began considering Sandhya again.

Birj goes with the men. Meenakshi says everything was being born by you to remain with Sooraj, you left everything to save Sooraj, your Jodi is example for each husband and wife, your love is much like diya aur baati. Sandhya tells Sooraj that she is going eternally. Sooraj weeps. Sandhya says but prayers and my love will be with you, don’t break down, Bhabho and Babasa want you. Bhabho gets shocked.