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Written Updates of Kumkum Bhagya 24th December 2015 Episode

Written Updates of Kumkum Bhagya 24th December 2015 Episode:

Pragya knocks the affordable clothing to be purchased by Bulbul as a way to conserve the cash. Abhi proposed Pragya countering her that she shouldn’t carry the clothing and she’s going to look as a snake girl. The humorous Nokh Jonkh begins with Pragya and Abhi.

In the procedure Abhi was strike by Vijay.

Slowly, Alia requested him to visit the physician as Abhi is injured and arrive in front of Abhi. But mad Abhi requested Alia that she arrives to meet about it, with Vijay Ala stated that she arrive to be aware of the name of the individual who really attempts to kill Pragya.

Alia manage everything and said sorry to him.

Pragya tensed to see that Abhi is damage and shocked. He was helped by Pragya in getting the first aid box. She also told everyone as they were needed to depart the area shortly to finish the shopping when possible. Sarla was invited by Dadi to the reception party of Purab and Bulbul.

Sarla had not seen unhappy by it. The following scene showcase that Purab and Bulbul were sharing the intimate minutes in the mall, Alia began becoming envious and sees them together. Bulbul told Purab to meet with her at the patio at the same listened and 9 Pm. By making a twenty thousand suit of TWO lakh to get back the additional cash from Pragya Abhi covertly bribed the salesman, but the salesman and Pragya see everything admit all. Some things that is comical demonstrates eventually.