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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2015 Full Written Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2015 Full Written Episode:

The Episode begins with Ishita about understanding Ashok’s secret informer present in Bhalla home telling their strategy. She says I desired Ashok tell me who’s that man and to consider I m Shagun. Prateek calls it a strategy that is great. Ishita says we were helped by Abhishek. Abhishek says we understand that member, and couldn’t detain Ashok without evidence, then we wanted Prateek. Ishita says they made family scold Shagun, and intended everything to reveal huge fight between me and Shagun. She says Shagun left from house, saying she won’t ever give me this kid.

Shagun says video has been sent by me to reveal where’s she, and her fake departure is seen by everyone. Ishita says Mihir Raman,, Abhishek and I reached there to save Shagun, I went to terrace again and stopped them, so Shagun bound down, then we’d revealed a real fight, that they need to now understand the play. FB conclusions.

Prateek says she’s endure a great deal. This was not believed by Raman.

FB reveals Ishita requesting Shagun vanish when Raman comes there, and to sit. Shagun has been seen by Raman, till afterward Shagun went quietly, and I did play to pass out, he didn’t see anyone, when he turned, Raman didn’t believe, Raman was taken by me to Manoj’s house, I began play there. She locked the door and she opened the door and sat ordinary when she heard then will get keys, she did play to demonstrate Shagun’s spirit is drifting and is after her.

Shagun says when Shagun came to meet me during the nighttime, that night we’d have got found. Prateek says that was dangerous. Ishita says Shagun believed there’s someone, I redirected Sarika, Shagun left from house, Sarika got frightened after that.

Shagun says afterward we began phase 2. Ishita says it was rough for me to have the body language and mannerism of Shagun, to convince Ashok. She says Ishita is courageous, she didn’t hurt anyone in her life, but she has been hurt by a lot of people. Mrs. shouts.

Mrs. says Ruhi’s buddies came, I frightened them all, I yelled on Ruhi, Ruhi was frightened of me. I will not be forgiven by my children. Shagun says no, they’ll understand you when you describe them, they’re your children. Ishita says I needed to convince myself for this play. Prateek inquires did sindoor not turn white, Amma was convinced you have been owned by Shagun. Ishita says Amma is not illiterate and considers all this, myself understand she’ll get lively seeing me in this way, I kept an eye on Amma. The sindoor looked for the things concealed in her room. FB reveals Ishita comprehended pandit gave Amma this and gets the sindoor. The sindoor replaced the sindoor with black powder, and asks Abhishek to organize any black powder.

Ishita says myself do not comprehend how individuals believe in spirits and ghosts in this period, this was considered by Amma, but we had to win the fight that is larger.

Ishita says we need to learn who’s helping Ashok. Ashok says Raman will be killed by Ishita, and certainly will be attributed, my game will probably be done.