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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode 14th February 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode 14th February 2016

The Episode starts with Raman weeping and thinking of Ishita. He sees Shagun in the kitchen as well as comes out. She asks him why is he conscious and he can discuss his worries, and issues, what’s happening in his head. He tells the troubles of the firm. Sarika records them. Shagun helps anxiety is relieved of by him. She says embraces him and everything is going to be good. Sarika shoots all pics and says I ‘ll bring thunderstorm in the life of Shagun; she was threatening me. She calls him and sends pics to Manoj, asking did he see the pics. She asks him to assess his telephone. He views Shagun’s and Raman pics.

She inquires did you see Manoj today; Raman adores Shagun a lot, it’s your error, and they got time to spend together, I m scared Shagun would be presuming to return in the life of Raman. He stops call and says only shut up. She says arrow has hit at the perfect stage.

Ishita says she doesn’t understand doing this work; it’s morning. Girl teaches Ishita. Another girl remarks that Sunanda and Ishita became buddies and forgot us. Niddhi requests Raman am I your financial advisor, I delay or can not mark down the payment, I can not help, why are you saying your monetary difficulties, sorry. Why did she reach decisions he asks, I told all this to say Ishita’s case must not have more difficulties, and gives her cheque. She says we should say if any child gets sick, or Ishita has done this in defense, Ishita can come out on the crisis basis. She says everyone uses this notion; I do not care for your wife. He says your payment was given by me, see the best way to do it to free Ishita. She asks her helper see it will not rebound and to deposit cheque. Raman leaves and hears her taunt.

Vandu decides Shravan and Shravan see his buddy awaiting his mom. Vandu says in case your mummy comes, and she will be informed by teacher, wait here I ‘ll drop you home, I’ll tell your teacher. Manoj says mother asks me about Shagun. Shagun says request mother to call on my amount; I am going to speak. He says I mean I miss you. Shagun grins. Mrs. Bhalla says amazing, you guys speak. Manoj says good, remain here as long as you need, when you would like come. Shagun inquires he responding this way, Manoj. He leaves and gets annoyed. Sarika smiles.

The screwdrivers are kept by the girls there. The warden requests the girls to return the screwdriver and says one is less. Wardens check all the girls. Ishita finds the screwdriver. She stresses and gets tensed. Sunanda takes screwdriver from Ishita to save her and goes to drink water. Sunanda puts it in the flower pot. She comes back and drinks water. Ishita gets alleviated. She says I do not understand that screwdriver came to me and thanks Sunanda for saving her.

Nakul’s mom thanks Vandu for bringing house that is Nakul and requests will you’ve got tea, coffee or beverage. Vandu says at this time, do not your husband. Vandu says we need to go home and calls Shravan.

She assesses whether she gets serenity by drinking wine and speaks to her internal self. She says no, I m not poor and gets the bottle; I do not want this.

Mrs. Bhalla requests Raman to reach these things for a gift. He requests this for the bond of Ishita. She reminds its two years of his union. Raman shouts and remembers his marriage with Ishita. He comes out and touches the matters.

Precap: RJ tells about the message for Jhansi Ki Rani of Ravan Kumar. Raman gives his message by radio to Ishita. Ishita grins. Raman says I like you a whole lot.