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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein full Written Episode 6th November 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein full Written Episode 6th November 2015:

The episode begins with Ashok visiting to meet with Ishita. She asks what happened, exactly why is he worried and keeps him. She says its great you arrived, before my death, only me and you know this, don’t you remember we’ve to accomplish several issues that are unfinished, seriously, don’t you remember Ashok, whenever we couldn’t complete food. He says yes, simply Shagun and that I realized this, it indicates you’re Shagun. She says ofcourse I m total, I’ve come here to accomplish everything you wanted. He maintains the dark line inside his pocket.

He says yes, do you want to accept me. He asks her to stay Ishita and never leave Ishita. He says he’s happy that she’s back and keeps her hand. Everybody wait outside. Did he tie line Prateek asks. Ashok lies for them, he expected Shagun to depart Ishita’s body and tied line, she’ll be fine. Raman stops thanks and Ashok him.

Prateek says I am hoping Ishita won’t get episodes today. Ashok returns. He says Shagun and that I had that work unfinished, this will be completed by this Shagun and fault may continue Ishita, I couldn’t damage Raman, but I’ll make use of this opportunity perfectly, prepare to die Raman.

Ishita requires Raman to wear white shirt and acts normal its day. After doing the help she bears his hand. She gets intimate, and she asks him to choose work. And goes….Raman calls Prateek in the home. He claims Ishita got fine and hugs Prateek, and shows family that Ishita got totally fine. Prateek requires are you sure, may I meet with her.

Prateek says Raman said she’s great dentist and presents herself, may she treat him. She says no, you’re mistaken, Raman believes I m not really a good dentist. Prateek says no, he explained good stuff about you. Ishita asks him to consider visit at her center, she’ll treat him. She would go to home. Raman says see, she’s like this. Mrs. Bhalla really wants to inform this to Amma.

Mrs. Bhalla says they’ll celebrate Diwali. Raman hugs leaves and Prateek. Mrs. Bhalla is happy and thanks Prateek. Prateek discusses Ishita. She makes and laughs people when he turns.

Amma meets Mrs. Bhalla and is happy. They both fight like old times. Them stop. Mrs. and Amma Bhalla say there weren’t fighting and laugh, it was fun. Ishita laughs. Mrs. Bhalla requires Neelu to obtain coffee. Bala shows that Vandu for cookies to Ishita, he divided for that children, Sarika can get kids today. Ishita requires Neelu to keeps cookies and thanks him. He leaves. Ishita smiles and gets thinking.

Ishita sees and goes the cookies. Sarika asks her and believes whats Ishita performing with cookies. Ishita says as cookies could be dangerous for children I was checking. She goes and keeps cookies. Was Ishita examining this Sarika checks the cookies package and suggests, she got good but I don’t trust her.

Ishita shows Vandu that she found meet Amma and would go to Iyer home. Vandu says Amma arrived, stay with me, I’ll make coffee. Ishita says we shall have coffee in night, I needed to ask, I Suraj and noticed you. Vandu says Suraj is my student, he’s doing PG, he’s that good, he’s learning really, he helped me in obtaining cookies, I made him notes. Ishita starts coughing and says interesting. Vandu goes to obtain water. Ishita maintains the notice within the file, and creates anything on the document. Vandu says I got I’ll leave. Ishita smiles.

Ashok requires Suraj to ready and comes back home, they’ve to go to party. Suraj says I m learning, I got my good with good marks. Ashok picks it and sees a document falling. Ashok says the notice, that Ishita is going to do the unfinished work. Ashok says today Raman will certainly die by this surprise.

Appa would go to view and hears everyone. Raman is injured and family is about him in the substance. Appa asks her in the future with him and considers Ishita coming downstairs from patio.