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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode 19th January 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode 19th January 2016

The Episode begins with Suraj leaving. Romi thanks the kinners. They say we must thank you for asking help from us. Mihika says even then, thank from our heart. Mihika embraces Romi. The kinners bless their pairing. Romi and Mihika smile. Ishita requests Shagun have the juice and to rest. Shagun requests are you guys staying in this room. Ishita says yes, and asks about her reports. Shagun says everything is good. Cravings are asked by Ishita. Shagun says sitaphal icecream. Ishita says I like it a lot, what else. Shagun grins and says occasionally baby kicks. Ishita says wow, do you feel it, will I sense the kick if I touch. Shagun says I believe so.

Ishita strives by keeping her hand on Shagun’s tummy, feeling the baby kick. Shagun says maybe he is resting now. Manoj and Raman come. Ishita requests Raman to attempt. The kick is felt by Raman and says I m his dad, he only kicked. Ishita inquires really. Raman inquires did you not feel. She says you are not unlucky. Raman says you will feel, give some time. Mihir tells and comes Raman that I ‘ll leave now, I have work. He requests Shagun to take rest, I’ll come to meet with you tomorrow. Ishita asks him to try and feel baby kick too. Mihir grins and goes. Raman discovers Ishita troubled.

Mihika and Romi come laughing and show the video of Suraj to Mihir. Mihir asks how did you do this. She says Mihir will never do this, he would have gone to police station and file report, he can not do all this. Mihir grins and says nicely done.

Romi says I was finding my cellphone charger, what are you really doing here in living room and comes to Raman. Raman goes to Ishita and says right. She says its not fair that infant did not kick for me. He says yes, but will infant know who’s touching him. She asks am I not exceptional for baby. He says when he comes, take his class, for now, you are exceptional for me. He asks her to come with him, they are going out. He insists and takes her.

Mihika feels she told a lot to Mihir, he perhaps feeling not good. She calls Mihir. He inquires is Vandu. He says I m boring, I did good. She says I like you as you’re, you know Romi is damage, he believed he is useless and he really does not do anything great, so I needed him to feel good, don’t think you and I compared him, don’t feel awful. He says I ‘ll never mind anything you say, you’re my best friend, I m grateful. They smile.

Raman and Ishita are on the way. Ishita asks why did infant not kick on my touch. He says do not get senti, every infant kicks daddy, you’ll be happy one, me will trouble. She says I m envious. Raman hits on a woman and they get shocked. He says sorry and they try to quit the woman. The woman covering her face with a shawl runs away. Raman says car was going slow, she came infront of a sudden. She says I believe I understand her, the wife of Chadda Pallavi. He says see the time, what will she do here. She asks him to call Chadda and request him. Raman says no, Chadda is distinct, what shall I ask him, where’s your wife, no manner, come and remembers Chadda’s words. Ishita believes that woman was Pallavi. They leave.

Mihika, its morning and Romi work in office. Romi uncovers Mihika pacifies her and tensed. He says I m sure you’ll do well. She thanks him. Mihir comes and says customers have come, we should get this contract.

Raman comes to have breakfast and gives the papers, requesting Ishita to sign it and drop at Chadda’s position. Ishita says I feel its Pallavi. He says drop papers and merely sign, leave all that. Mrs. Bhalla says I need Ishita at home, I invited Shagun for lunch. Raman says anyone can manage lunch, I have meeting and goes.

Mihika gives the demonstration. Customer says it was not bad, the brand tag line isn’t catchy. Romi says I ‘ve a great tag line in head. Mihir says we will discuss later. Romi says hear me. The tag line is said by Romi, and Mihika says this can be our tagline. The customers congrats Raman and the tag line for a talented team. Raman says I did not understand his talent, thanks to Mihika who got Romi. Mihika says trust is large thing, trust gives strength to individual to get him advancement. Raman gets the contract. Mihir looks at Mihika and Romi.

Ishita gives records to Chadda. Chadda says documents are fine. He requests Ishita to have tea, Pallavi makes good tea. Pallavi is talked to by Ishita and sees the mark on her hand. Pallavi says no. Ishita says I was asking because such marks can readily go, my mum has home remedies. Chadda says the same, and stares at Pallavi. Pallavi says I have some work and goes. Chadda says I will get files assessed and phone you, I have to leave for court now. Ishita thanks him and leaves.

Precap: Ishita tells Shagun about efficient attorney Chaddha. She says I feel his wife Pallavi and strange assembly Chadda, there is something incorrect.