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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode 9th January 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode 9th January 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode 9th January 2016
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode 9th January 2016

The Episode begins with Mihika and Mihir attempting to cheer up Romi. Ashok comes there and he is seen by them. Mihika says we will leave, dismiss him. Romi beverages. Mihika requests Romi to come. Romi says I need to speak with you personally and goes to Ashok. He is ignored by Ashok. Romi gets mad and they get into argument. Romi says you destroyed my entire life. Mihir ceases and comes Romi. Ashok requests supervisor to see Romi. Supervisor says I ‘ll call authorities and scolds Romi. Mihir says no, do not call cops, he’s issues in his life. Mihika sees bottle being taken by Romi. She comes in between, and races to stop him. Romi Mihir and Ashok get shocked. She is held by Mihir. Romi stresses. Ashok leaves.

Romi comes home intoxicated and crying. She inquires are you good. He says I m sorry, forgive me. Raman holds and comes him. Romi says its my error, Mihika has damage. She asks what rushes to Iyer house and happened to Mihika. After her wound gets treated Mihir gets Mihika. Ishita inquires what occurred. Mihika says I m good is Romi, is he. Ishita says he’s fine, Raman is with him. Mihir says everything will be told by me.

Romi weeps choosing the name of Rohit. Raman says Rohit will not be made by any one sleep, away from you. Raman says Mihika will be seen by me. She says Mihika is sleeping, do not go. She says Mihir and Mihika took him to cheer, Ashok was seen by Romi there, he fought with him and got mad, he incorrectly strike on Mihika, everyone is concerned. He says Romi is murmuring in slumber, how much he overlooks Rohit, he’s lost, we have to bring Romi on course and locate the parents of Rohit.

Ishita speaks to some women to employ a Nanny for Rohit, its morning. Every woman has demands and some conditions. She requests will not be bad. Ishita inquires Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita calls Jamuna, and believes her strategy will work.

Romi tells Raman he will not care for Rohit. Raman says I understand that you adore Rohit, he’s your son, love keeps connections, he will be adopted by me, he will be raised by me. He is hugged by Romi. Raman says I understand error damage Mihika, but you go and apologize to her.

Raman inquires where are your pupils and comes to Bala. Raman says I didn’t understand when your family is powerful, you’re poor. Shravan met with me and said he needs to assist you. Bala says I distressed everyone and Vandu. Bala says I can not require this benefit and returns it. Raman says no, believe it is a fresh business venture, I trust you, you are able to make your training courses large, you’re the hero of Shravan, do not destroy his hope. He is thanked by Bala.

Romi and Mihika meet and apologizes to her. He says i m really sorry, what to do that I am forgiven by you, this vase on my head breaks, me damage, it’s going to be equal. She says good, get prepared. Amma stresses and eyes close. Mihika grins. He says good, confident and they hold hands.

A woman tells the supervisor that Ishita left, he is able to come out. He calls someone and says now Ishita came, she needs to understand who’s the mum of Rohit, your infant whom we gave to Sarika, I didn’t meet with her, do not do anything. He says if the infant’s mom is known by Ishita and stops call, it’s going to be huge trouble.

Ishita’s car window breaks. She gets a word and gets shocked. Someone asks her not to return in this orphanage and quit locating the mom of Rohit.