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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

The Episode begins with Suraj harassing pupils against Ishita and Vandu. They all concur. Suraj says we must penalize Vandu. Vandu believes they got quiet and weeps, I believed everything will get good, they started all this. Ashok requests his guys to get in that pupils bunch, make sure the helpers of Vandu do not come in between. The guy says do not worry, come. Suraj says if Vandu isn’t coming out, we will go indoors. The guy says today, we need justice, and gives black colour to Suraj, Ishita requests them to quit. The woman says pupils can break door anytime. The dean of the school whines about protest and phones cops. Suraj stops. Ishita is pushed by Suraj. Ishita is held by Shagun. Everyone and Suraj get into conference hall. Management attempts to stop them. The guys of Ashok yell and make the position worse. Shagun requests Ishita to come, they’re going to demonstrate Suraj his area. Black ink is taken by Suraj on his hand to blacken the face of Vandu.

Ishita embraces Vandu.

Raman requests whom is she they will not listen this manner. Raman defeats Suraj, while Bala and Mihir control others. Vandu weeps. Suraj and Raman get into a fight. Mihika embraces Vandu. Authorities stops them and comes there. Raman says detain them, they’re not pupils, Suraj got them to protest. Authorities take away Suraj. Mihika and Ishita take her house.

Everyone and Amma stress for Vandu. The demonstrations are recalled by Vandu. Amma says Vandu is not really weak, see what occurred. Ishita requests Amma not to weep, they to become the support of Vandu. She says I ‘ll go. Vandu asks her not to really go and weeps, they’re going to come. Bala and Ishita sit with Vandu. Bala requests Ishita to go home, he’ll be with Vandu. Ishita says phone me leaves and if wanted.

Romi and Mihika wait for Suraj. He says did Shagun come in between. The kinners is sent by Romi. Suraj requests them to go and gives the cash. They Suraj saying we discovered you were troubling a girl today. Suraj is surrounded by them. Mihika and Romi grin, much from appearing. Suraj’s face all blackens. Suraj wear slippers are made by them in the neck. Suraj’s pic is taken by Romi. Suraj gets shocked seeing Mihika and Romi. Suraj fumes. Suraj says all Bhallas will be seen by me. Romi says good, but see this pic it’ll be on social media. Suraj leaves.

Sarika sees Shagun at house. She requests Shagun to have food, and then they both will diet once she gives her grandson. Manoj and Raman come. Manoj says do not worry, I ‘ve made her diet strategy.

Amma thanks and shouts for saving Vandu Shagun. Amma says you’ve the baby in your uterus of Ishita, Ishita will become mum because of you. Shagun says do not weep. Amma consoles. Amma embraces Shagun and Ishita. Everyone grin. Sarika believes its family play going on here, this will not go on for long, as I ‘ve come here to stop this.