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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written episode 16th January 2016

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written episode 16th January 2016

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written episode 16th January 2016
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written episode 16th January 2016

The Episode begins with Tara. She weeps and says you didn’t tell me this, you may have got Sangram detained, he attempted to kill you. Akshara says no, do not believe wrong about him, it was an injury. Akshara says I understand what you’re going through, but do not do anything and embraces her. Tara says no, this should be known by Naksh. I am going to tell him, he’s interested to understand, I do not care about my relationship. Him stops and says do not tell him, he’s mental, incorrect choice, then what will be taken by him. Tara says yes I can not conceal. Akshara says when appropriate time comes, do not you trust me, I ‘ll tell him. Akshara says afterward leave this, I want to get good, I’ll speak to him, I can feel his pain. Tara concurs. Naksh says and comes but I heard everything.

Akshara says hardly good to hear us. He says found you, I deceived and didn’t hear you. Tara and Akshara get alleviated.

Akshara its nighttime and Naitik talk about Tara understanding the truth. If you told her, he says, she’s going to conceal it.

Naman and Karishma claim. He says till this pressure gets solved, I can not have food. He says we need cash in hand. She says no one will understand this, do not stress.

Its morning, physician checks the reports of Akshara. Akshara inquires are the reports. He says its great improvement. They thank grin and Lord. Will she get her eyesight shortly Naitik requests. Seniors guarantee they’ll take care of Akshara. Doctor requests Akshara feel powerful and to believe nice. Doctor leaves. Naira and Bhabhimaa and Akshara hug. After my eyes get good Akshara says, I’ll do all the work. Naksh is hugged by her. Bhabhimaa says today, I ‘ll eat chocolates with you.

Bau ji goes to speak and gets a call. Naitik inquires what occurred, why are you stressed. Bau ji says nothing, it absolutely was about Naman, do not understand what occurred to him, he’s scolded staff and irritated. Naitik says I ‘ll speak to him. Bau ji says perhaps Naman has company issue. Iask him and he only says its good, perhaps he will not need me to stress, you speak to him. Naitik says I tried requesting, he didn’t say, I am going to inquire again. I am going to help him. Bau ji says should you help Naman in company, who’ll take care of Akshara, her eyes are imp tight. Naman believes Naitik and whats Bau ji speaking. Naitik says do not worry, I solve this issue and will speak to Naman.

Tara is going to Dada ji for discussions and practice. Her quits. He says you will drop, can not you hear, cease, I ‘ll come. She asks whats there to go will anyone shove me down the cliff. Dada and Sangram ji get shocked. He questions what are you really saying. She says I m saying its dangerous to go with you, the facts, you shove me down the cliff and can get mad on me. Why are you saying this Dada ji inquires. Aditya and Vikram come and look on.

Tara says I got to understand the injury truth of Akshara. So she told Tara Sangram says. Tara says no, I heard Dada and you ji speaking that Akshara dropped because of Sangram. Aditya and Vikram get shocked. Vikram and Aditya say Tara possibly incorrect, Sangram can not do this. She says he was heard by me. Dada ji says its not accurate Tara. Tara leaves weeping and says Dada ji. If Tara understands Sangram says, she’d have told Naksh.

Akshara says I understand you stress for me and comes to Naksh, but doctor said my eyesight can return anytime, it’ll be all good. She says forget it incorrect occurred with me. He says it means incorrect occurred with you. Father went through this and he says how can I forget you, and believes he can not see her like this. She believes I can not see Naksh stressed.

Precap: Naitik asks Naman to share his stress. Outside instead acting of the help naman says the issue is you’ve doubt on me, simply ask me