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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 19th January 2016

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 19th January 2016

The Episode begins with Akshara saying why will Naman and Karishma do this, Naitik checked papers. What is asked by Bau ji. Mishti comes and Akshara requests her did she get any circular in school, which desired guard signatures. Mishti says no, mum did not give me any paper. Bau and Akshara ji get shocked.

Rajshri is not glad. Dadi requests is everything good. Rajshri says Nannu and I met at temple and weeps, he said he’ll come with me and was adamant. Nannu says then I was not brought by you. He embraces everyone. Where’s your mum Varsha inquires. He says she’s in temple, I came here and have concealed in auto dicky. They get stressed. Varsha requests Jasmeet to be informed by Ananya quickly, she’ll be stressed. Kaki requests Nannu to go back, Jasmeet doesn’t comprehend us, did she respond to the message of Akshara, till she realizes her error, we must be away from her. Jasmeet says my uncertainty was correct and comes.

Naman questions Karishma about Mishti. Bau and Akshara ji come there. Bau ji inquires Naman whats all this. Naman says I do not understand, why are you asking me. Bau ji says assess well, you’ll understand. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani additionally come. Naman says the signal of its Akshara. Naman says you’re mistaken. Bau ji yells lie more will we be cheated by you. Naksh looks and comes on. Bau ji says how low are you going to drop, you took her signals by deceiving her and took advantage of the blindness of Akshara. Devyaani questions what are these newspapers. Naitik inquires Naman what’s this and checks papers, and when did Akshara sign. Bau ji says Akshara sign was made by Naman by reason of Mishti’s school circular on it. Bau ji says I understand you didn’t understand anything. Her stops and says I can not say the motive. Bhabhimaa inquires what happened, tell us. Naman says I can not say. Why, we asked you, what occurred Akshara questions.

If I sold my share naman says, it’d be the loss of business. Bau ji says you do not care for business. Naman inquires do not you trust me, you believe I did business to be harmed by this, if you feel okay, telephone anyone or Naitik, find out, I ‘ll see. They look on shocked.

Naman says atlast you revealed Naitik and I aren’t equivalent in your eyes, Bau ji. Shocked is looked on by Bau ji. Naman says you’re partial towards us, when Naitik wasn’t here, I supported you, I attempted my best, you always trusted me, would you like to name this business back to Naitik. Naman says I was supported by destiny. Bau ji says my son supported you, not destiny, my bahu supported you. Naman says no, Naksh handles Krishna, attempt to comprehend. They get worried. Bau ji says its my huge error to provide you huge post than your place, I’ll rectify it, you take every choice till we assess all papers associated with office and will consult with us, you will not send anyone, office will be managed by Naitik . Bau ji says get the hardwork of its Dadda ji any significance as well as our family regard, I will not let it get damage. Naitik requests Bau ji to listen. He goes. Akshara requests them to listen. Naitik says they went. Maya hears and conceals them.

Jasmeet says without questioning me, dare Rajshri brought my son here. Kaki requests her to speak to etiquette. Rajshri says that he goes back to you personally, I told him, he came with us, question him. Jasmeet says I will not request, quit phoning Nannu, we will be away. Nannu is dragged by her. Rajshri weeps. Kaki says I didn’t anticipate this from Rajshi, see you were scolded by Jasmeet, you personally will not be listened to by me, leave Jasmeet. She goes.

Why, you’re not in company now she asks. He says yes, I felt if I leave company, his insecurity will finish, but I can not forgive him as he deceived you. Naman says I will not apologize. Karishma says they will not trust you. Naitik says Naman feels thus, Bau ji sent me to help him, he will not trust me, he’s incorrect, Bau ji is damage, did you not feel terrible. She says no, only think the best way to solve this. Naman says this is my company, I can do anything, if I need to consult with Naitik, I can not work like this. Karishma says I told you this can occur, see its happening. Akshara says this is family issue also, we must solve this.

Bhabhimaa telephone Naman and Karishma for dinner, and requests Girja about children. Devyaani says I understand he did error but.. Bau ji says the matter is he didn’t understand it and did error. Akshara says he’s unable to come and perhaps he understood, I am going to take food for him. Naitik says Bau ji is annoyed, it will not mean he doesn’t need Naman to get food, I understand till Naman eats food Bau ji will not get slumber. Devyaani believes Bau ji should have heard Naman even if its his error.

Precap: Naman and Akshara talk poorly and says no one asked anything when you came on road with Naitik’s one mistake, and now with my one decision, you all raise questions, why do you consistently interfere in operation, I want to handle it my way. She gets disheartened.