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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 21st January 2016

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 21st January 2016

The Episode begins with Naitik wondering who kept it outside and seeing the medical box of Akshara. Naitik tests says this is going to be enough for one week and medications. He will not see the other eye drops, and discovers the documents in bin.

He says who has thrown this electricity invoice in bin, it’d be Mishti. He goes and keeps medication box.

Akshara requests her to place two drops in each eye and gives Maya the eye drops. Maya is about to place the drops, and Naitik comes requesting her to quit. When I m with Akshara he says, I’ll do all the work. After I leave, Maya’s responsibility begins. Akshara concurs and says sorry, you place it. Maya grins.

Akshara’s telephone rings. Responses and Akshara stops Naitik call. She says and gets the great news from Rajshri give me her love. Devyaani says yes, Sunaina and Rajshri is going to not be unhappy. The bottle rests.

Mishti is scolded by Karishma. Devyaani says its good, she’s only a child. Mishti gets depressed and says sorry to them. Karishma inquires will bottle in the event you say sorry, come back. Naitik says its good, I ‘ve another bottle. Karishma says but this bottle goes, and broke. Devyaani says what occurred to her is she mad. And stresses.

Everyone pamper Nannu and Jasmeet. She goes and gets a call. Ananya believes it means I was right, he’s in this city. Maya muffles the loudness of the video. Maya requests Akshara to relax, I’ve viewed this video. Akshara says physician said massage ought to not be other. Maya says yes, do not stress, relax. Maya does massage that is incorrect that Akshara will not recuperate. Akshara inquires her did she work with patients that are similar. Maya requests her to relax and not speak. She believes if Akshara gets good, it’ll be her loss.

Naira says Dadi has sent this juice and comes there. Maya goes. Naira requests Akshara are you good. Maya stressed and hears them.

Tea is given by Tara to Dada ji. She goes. Dada ji requests him to keep coming. Sangram asks about the well-being of Akshara. Naksh says physician said she is going to be good shortly. Sangram gets happy. Dada and Sangram ji request them leave and to speak.

She believes my family did error, I did mistake to never comprehend them. He requests is there any issue. She says no, I m stressed for my buddy, she got married and she’s stressed concealing some secret from her husband. Thus did he get to understand it Naksh requests. He inquires why did she conceal it at first. She says she was weak, she’s lost to inform him or not, will this alter their relationship, what do you really believe, should she tell him. He says I ‘ll come and gets the call of Keshav. He leaves and tells Tara that he’s to go.

Naman says I m supervisor, not Naitik, get file back from him and fumes on supervisor. Naitik looks and comes on. Naitik is seen by naman.

Akshara grins and goes out in yard. Maya says I ‘ll do the job, get my cash and speaks to someone, I am going to meet in evening. Akshara asks who’s there. Karishma says and comes its me. Maya says and comes its me, tell me what you would like. Akshara says no, what’s Karishma.

Karishma says I m gathering leaves for the school job of Mishta. Maya what’s she doing here is asked by Akshara. Maya says I was speaking to my family, sorry. Akshara says no, you can speak even indoors house. Akshara is taken by Karishma.

Naman is called by Karishma and he tells about Naitik attempting to assess all files. She says let him assess, it will not matter, I telephoned as you went office in morning in terrible mood. He says my disposition will probably not be good till Naitik comes office, we must prevent him from office that is coming. She says I m believing what to do to make Naitik active and not intervene in your work.

Akshara says video was playing and discussions to physician and massage was given. Physician says every body responds distinct, see whether it hurts and get another person massage. She says good, thanks. She is heard by Maya.

Akshara requests Naitik to massage her brow viewing the video, its evening. He questions did Maya not massage. I would like you to do, although she says she did. He says and grins good. He plays with massages and the CD. Maya goes to meet with someone. Akshara asks him what’s he doing, do as its in video, do not do mischief. He says I m following video will I joke. Maya waits for someone and goes to cafe. Karishma is present there.

Precap: Naitik tells Akshara in regards to the music competition organizers planning car racing event, and requests her to take part in it.