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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

The Episode starts with Naksh saying he can not forget everything. Naksh says it means Akshara, whom is Akshara concealing has been damage by someone. The family speaks to the care taker. Akshara asks whom are they talking to and comes. Naitik says she is your new caretaker, I don’t want to take danger, she’s professional, she’s expertise and you’ll get well soon. Naksh says we didn’t think this before. Akshara says I understand, you need to convince me saying so. Naitik says sorry, I didn’t ask you. Akshara says I m glad. Devyaani inquires her the name. Maya is said by the girl. Naitik says but there was Maya written on the file. Maya says my name changed after wedding. Maya looks around and likes the house.

Ananya and Rajshri come to temple. Rajshri says I ‘ll pray that Jasmeet comes back. Ananya says I miss Nannu. She sees someone like her boss and tells Rajshri that she come and will just get coconut.

Naitik tells Naman he is going office, they could go. Why today naman questions. Naman says tell me, I will manage. Naitik says you’re already occupied, I’ll manage, now Akshara has caretaker, come we will leave. Rajshri believes where did Ananya go. He runs to her and sees Rajshri. He cries and embraces her. He requests her to take him home. He says she’s becoming angry. She says where’s she, I ‘ll talk to her. He says she’s getting coconuts, take me and we’ll leave. Jasmeet comes there. Rajshri asks him to head to Jasmeet, she’ll take him home afterwards. He says mum is not good and whines. Rajshri asks how are you. He is taken by Jasmeet angrily.

Maya tells Akshara that Naitik phoned, its time for your medicines. Akshara says I feel medicine differs. Karishma says its one that is blue. Akshara says no, I take one that is yellowish. Her file is given by Akshara. Karishma checks and says medication is correct. Akshara says sorry Maya and Karishma, doctor said medications will alter from now. Karishma says its good, have medications.

Rajshri stops Ananya as she worries Nannu will see Ananya and shout from going inside temple. Jasmeet sees Nannu has gone. Ananya prays that she meets with her supervisor. Nannu is shouted by Jasmeet and comes there. Rajshri and Ananya leave in the vehicle. Nannu conceals in the dicky. Jasmeet sees the car leaving.

Naman requests the man to end the work soon. He worries seeing Naitik checking files. He believes whats Naitik asking people. Naitik comes and asks Naman for board of directors file. Peon comes and Naman scolds him. The peon leaves and says sorry. Did you get mad, Naitik questions, you don’t say anything, share the problem. Naman says the issue is I feel you’re spying on me. Naitik says I m not keeping an eye on you. Naman asks him not to interfere in his work and argues. He goes.

Bau ji assesses some files. Devyaani says a courier came for you, what occurred, you look worried. He says I m checks and fine courier. Devyaani goes out. Bau ji checks documents well. Naitik chats to Akshara on telephone. He tells her what Naman said. She says we can help Naman if he tells us the difficulty. Akshara requests her to come. She asks Naitik to discover the issues of Naman. He endings phone and says fine.

she cries and says I ‘d trust on you, I told Naksh that my Dada ji never lies to me, even then you have hidden such enormous truth from me, I m not stressed that Naksh will get annoyed, but when he understands truth, I can’t see your esteem falling in his eyes, you’ve hurt my trust. He says I understand, I m embarrassed, I did this for you to save your connection. She says yes it was wrong. Akshara is hiding the truth, and even you are concealing it, both have difference, I value Akshara more and… He says and for me, did it end? She says I don’t understand, I m annoyed, Akshara can be forgiven by Akshara, but I can not.

Bau ji goes to Akshara and inquires is everything good. She says yes, why are you inquiring. Why did you desire cash which you have sold your company shares, he asks. She says why will I need cash. He says its great this document came back to me as per the rules of Dadda ji that family members can’t sell shares to outsiders. She says you perhaps mistaken. He says it’s your signal, I m not mistaken. She says since I lost my eyesight no official papers were signed by me, I just signed Mishti’s school circular. Bau ji gets shocked. Akshara recalls the words of Karishma.

Precap: Bau ji faces Naman and says you fell so low to use Akshara’s blindness and take her signals by cheating.