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Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost full Written Episode 6th November 2015

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost full Written Episode 6th November 2015:

The episode begins with Yug visiting Peter. Peter asks if he remains in Palekar Estate. Did Sophia inform you Yug says. Chris says Sophia told him asks him to depart from there because it is just a dangerous place, and inadvertently. Yug tells him he suggests these spirits were kind and found out about it since childhood. He says those individuals may be kind family. Chris thinks of his family and Suraj. Yug says I’m sure they’re good. Yug says I thought them and applied to talk about my heart talk for them. Peter asks how many spirits exist. Peter gets angry and asks him to not remain there. Yug can keep Palekar Estate and says I’ll take your terms. He says he purchase ship when he gets salary, and will obtain a rented home. Yug don’t wish to get any favors, although Chris gives to provide him money. Yug declines and leaves, although Peter asks him to remain in his outhouse. Peter is tensed.

Amy discusses Sophia’s room. Amy is hardened. Sophia asks Amy to be informed by Meena. Amy attempts to get clothes in the cabinet. Sophia asks her to come back her dress. Yug says she’ll be happy seeing this outfit and provides dress for Ria. He says it and gets Ria’s notice. He it is amazed to understand that she’s left on her home and says her notice. Yug says I experienced my young cousin has been me, and had been pleased to spend some time along with you. He says I’m pleased that she’s together with her family members. He says she’s one of many like me and cries. He claims whenever you stayed here and foretells spirits, this home may be high in happiness.

Suraj says we’ve to maintain Ria from Yug. Radha apologizes. Ishaan says I never loved you, but you brought joy in the home. Suraj believes Yug has a thing that is strengthening his opinion. He says you may be the main one who are able to help us out. Yug believes and hears someone knocking about the door might be they’ve not found out about this location. Yug believes ghosts mightn’t like every stranger, however would go to provide food. Guru Maa maintains marvelous kada up for grabs and works inside. They are attracted by the marvelous kada using its scent. Guru Maa considers them in mirror and returns to her location. She feels they will spe my miracle. She says they’ll struggle with one another to drink it, after which they’ll suffer like insects. They keep the package on table. Yug collides and comes with table. The container drops down on the ground.

Tantrik suggests kada has been drunk by two of these. Guru Maa can make them party on her track and says she’ll rule in it. Yadav feels electric energy and attempts to go outside the Palekar Estate. Ria sees him receiving and going electric energy. Yadav says he found get statement and it is going home, but couldn’t and talks to her. Ria considers why he’s talking. Amy is speaking with her friend. Peter asks who’s likely to Palekar Estate. Amy tells Sophia goes within the night. Chris is surprised?

When they come to understand that Sophia is his daughter, Chris concerns concerning the spirits response. Sophia involves the Palekar Estate. Suraj shows Dadi he will kill Peter.