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Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

The Episode begins with Radha requests Yug have food and to care for himself. Suraj requests him to spend some time with her and says Sophia might be missing you. Yug grins happily. He inquires are you great? Sophia smacks Yug on his face and remembers seeing the video. Radha says she’s smacked on my Yug. Yug looks on stunned and surprised. Ishaan says that is why she smacked him and Yug is not giving her enough time. Dadi says there’s something serious issue. Sophia says you’ve killed my dad. Yug requests what you’re saying? Sophia says you was going to meet my father that day, yes or no……Yug is quiet. Sophia says you desired to understand if father told me anything and did not tell me anything. She inquires from where did you get the cash, and says you’ve brought this Mansion? You’ve dismissed my questions.

Dadi says what’ll he say? When he couldn’t be killed by you, then you got him killed with an injury. She says I ‘m seeking for his killer. Sophia says she’s seen him getting knife to examine together with the aim to kill Peter. Yug requests her to trust him. Sophia says you requests him to speak up and are silent. She says you wasn’t in the store when I called you, but lied to me. She says so that I do not ask you any questions you acted to be in love with me. She asks him not to reveal her his face. She leaves. Yug asks her to listen to him and runs aftter her. She leaves. Yug breaks down and weeps.

Sophia says you’ve said and shouts looking at the pic of Peter. Yug is not a good person. I will not have any connection with him and will never meet him. She weeps. He inquires how I will be trusted by you, and you’ll believe that he has been killed by me. Suraj says we can not do anything. Ishaan says I ‘ve apologized to him. Ria says Yug is enduring because of us. Ishaan will apologize to him and says I ‘ll speak to Yug. Ishaan says I ‘ve seen your love for Sophia and comes to Yug. I can not see you in pain. Yug says what I am going to tell to Sophia. Ishaan says what do you need? You need Keith and Veronica to win, and requests Sophia to be saved by him from being immobilized.

Next day she is called by Yug, but she does not decide the call. Yug comes to the house of Sophia, but stops her. Yug says I need to meet with her. Nancy goes to tell her and says ok.