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225 results out off 791NU Exam held 2 months ago

225 results out off 791NU Exam held 2 months ago

The Nagpur University’s tall claims about expediting results have fallen flat, together with the majority of winter exam results not yet been declared even two months after examinations. The much-hyped on-screen assessment facility established by NU vice chancellor Siddharth Vinayak Kane and pro-VC Pramod Yeole has neglected to expedite results of professional courses like law, pharmacy and engineering. The stipulated deadline for results is 45 days as per Maharashtra Universities Act, 1995, NU officials said.

Acknowledging the delay, the Pro-VC said about 225 results had been declared by them up to now out of complete 791 tests. But the website of NU is showing just 50 results, representing the total dearth of coordination between various sections.

NU officials attributed the postponement to lackadaisical works by both companies — Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) and Promarc Software Limited — who were given pre and post assessment work by NU. There’s complete dearth of coordination between both agencies primarily accountable for the outcome, despite assessment work finishing back.

Officials revealed the issue had cropped up due to serious differences between Promarc and MKCL, who didn’t wish to exchange and share information with each other. Promarc has data on virtually 1.50 lakh pupils, which it gathered from 2007 while MKCL has recently gathered data from new as well as old students last year. NU had requested both companies to organize and fit it, so that it may be accurately printed on the mark sheets and measures as data of old pupils wasn’t fitting. Nevertheless, both agencies are unwilling to join forces.

Confirming this difficulty, Yeole told that he’d convened an urgent meeting at NU Assessment Part with both agencies on Monday morning to sort the matter out. It was likewise attended by the controller of assessments (COE) Neeraj Khaty. “We have categorically warned them to forget their differences and ego battles and focus on the proclamation of results. We told them that lakhs of pupils were suffering due to their differences,” he said.

The Pro-VC also attributed pupils and schools for feeding wrong details in on-line forms, which likewise cause the wreck. It was essentially the duty of schools to confirm the data. But on NU officials, who were working, the weight has fallen due to their apathy. The fiasco associated with Dr. Ambedkar College is an illustration, where our officials worked overnight for pupils,” he said.

NU officials added that even though the assessment of several results was finished a few weeks back, due to which mark the babus have neglected to transfer the files between the sections -sheets weren’t prepared.

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