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4 Ways to Feel Calm and Bid Farewell to the Hustle-Bustle of Life

How is your life? Do you feel like you are rushing through life and everything is passing you by?

Does it seem like every morning, the ringing of your alarm clock seems like a tingling sensation in your ears, making it the next potential candidate for Olympic-style kickoffs? 

Your eyes droop until you get your morning espresso shot. Your muscles remain fatigued until you get your morning seal of approval (read: a hard pat on the back) from your CEO at the office. Familiar?

The 9 to 5 grind is killing you. 

Even your anti-aging cream cannot act against the wrinkles on your forehead and the dark circles beneath your eyes that are soon, beginning to take over your entire face. 

The regular subway rides, constant bickering at the office, and the minimal downtime for commitments and deadlines will soon end in a burnout – and you don’t want that.

Our current motive here is to help you feel calm amidst the never-ending chaos of your daily struggles through techniques that, despite being simple and part of your routine, are revolutionary. Mentioned below are five ways to feel calm and bid farewell to the hustle-bustle of life.

Meditate your Stress Away

Meditate away stress
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Easier said than done – meditating amidst chaos might be a tad bit hard, but once you conquer the peace, you’ll no longer feel agitated and irritated even during your worst times. 

Meditation is a medieval practice which till today, is a popular way of tuning your mind to a peaceful antic that helps you preach mindfulness. Meditation helps you to control your mind, assess it, and craft a response to actions that might warrant an otherwise spontaneous yet thoughtless reaction. 

Many people find it hard to focus amidst the noise, while others have successfully mastered the art of secluding themselves mentally. At times, listening to peaceful music such as the sound of waves crashing against the shore or any other nature sounds help people isolate themselves mentally from noisy surroundings. 

Find 5 – 10 minutes to meditate daily, especially before going to work so that you can tackle the day with positivity and tranquility. Listen to binaural beats while working so that you can shove your anxiety out the door and work on your deadlines without fretting and concern.

Vent it all out

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Therapists recommend keeping a diary for venting out regularly. Instead of coming home with a tight knot in your head, get into the practice of keeping a journal at hand. Your journal is your ultimate confidante. Try to rediscover your hobbies and get into the habit of expressing yourself through the written word or the painted canvas. 

If you want to prevent nosy colleagues from snooping into your diary, get one that uses fluorescent ink and is visible in the dark. If you’re up for higher privacy, consider getting a lock for your diary and never leave it unsupervised!

You can also bond with a friend from work and get together for a mutual ranting session over a cup of hot chocolate or coffee. If you’re an introvert and do not prefer getting together with friends, you can always curl up with a book from your yearly reading list or join an anonymous gathering of people for venting out regularly!

Exercise and Yoga!

Are you tired of spending your life as a couch potato other than the time you are at work? Welcome to the dilemma that most office-goers face! Working out after coming home from a grueling 8 to 12-hour shift can be challenging, but it’s going to be for the first few days. 

What do you usually plan on doing when you come home after work? Hit the sack and sleep it out, right? 

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There are plenty of Nottingham gyms that focus on rehabilitation of your lifestyle by enrolling you with a trainer. Trainers help to devise a personalized work-out plan along with a dietary regimen that’s coordinated with your daily routine. 

Your workout plan can be as vigorous as 45 days depending on the type of training you opt for or as relaxed and focused as a half an hour workout every day for a few months. Your practice depends on the kind of exercise you opt for, such as strength training, weight loss, cardio, or all three. If you cannot attend the gym every day, try spending 20 to 30 minutes at a gym that’s close to your home or download physical apps on your phone for working out at home.

In addition to exercising your guts out, get a yoga mat and stretch your limbs before you get ready for work in the morning. Once in awhile, head towards a yoga retreat, preferably on the weekend, so that you can detoxify your body and engage in flexible exercises such as Yoga Nidra for maximum mental and physical rejuvenation.

Breathing Exercises
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Breathing Exercises

We want you to huff and puff (we already adore you if you got the reference!) apart from the unconscious breathing that you do for staying alive! Breathing deeply in short intervals is recommended for alleviating stress and assessing the problem at hand. Plus, the moment you hold in your breath and exhale the puff out of your mouth, you feel your troubles dissipating! 

Beauty of Life
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Box breathing is a great exercise – all you have to do is keep in your breath for 4 seconds and puff it at the same time till you feel the oxygen getting through to your brain! Otherwise, you can try keeping your breath in for 7 seconds and breathing it out in 8 seconds till you feel relaxed and excited about your tasks. 

Last but not least, stay hydrated, and we necessarily don’t mean treating your body with 5 cups of coffee until you dehydrate your insides! Plus, instead of pigging out on fast food and going on a binge-eating marathon, try to eat healthy at least three days of a week.

The hustle-bustle of life is slowly putting a dent in your sanity and physical well-being. We understand how hard it is to devise time for your daily routine, let alone the pleasures of life. But darling, there is an extent to which you can exert yourself before you collapse and are rushed to the ER with paramedics. 

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