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5 Essentials for the Perfect Summer Day Outside

Summer is the season of sun, sweat, and fun… all of which you can’t do without good gear and great friends for a perfect summer day. 

While we wish we could just step outside and have a great time, the beating sun rays and sweltering heat scream the opposite. When it comes to summer, you’ll want to come prepared to brave the elements while also having the time of your life. 

Read on for our top six essentials for the perfect summer day outdoors!

#1 Sports Equipment for Sweaty Fun

Whether you’re at the park, a beach, or your own backyard, nothing makes the summer more enjoyable than a good ol’ game of, well, anything. Other than classics like hide-and-seek or tag, many incredible outdoor games require some form of equipment to play. 

Here are some simple purchases you can make to turn any day into summer fun: 

#2 Sun-Fighting Supplies


Beach umbrella
Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

Nothing puts a damper on fun like a stinging sunburn—plus, slathering yourself with aloe vera isn’t exactly the evening spa treatment you were hoping for.

To make sure your night is as fun (and painless) as your day, pack these essentials for the perfect summer adventure:

  • A big beach umbrella with a pointed tip for easy setup and the frills to match your spunky personality.
  • Sunblock that has an SPF of at least 30. Don’t forget to reapply every two hours, especially if you’re soaking up the refreshing ocean water.
  • If you have sensitive skin, a history of skin cancer, or if you’re particularly prone to sunburn, opt for a stylish sun shirt or rash guard that you can swim and relax in. That way, you don’t have to miss out on the fun just because the sun is being a bad sport.
  • Don’t neglect your lips when blocking those pesky UV rays. Make sure to pack a nice, high-SPF lip balm to protect your kisser while you get sun-kissed.  

#3 Gear to Keep Your Food Fresh

Picnic basket
Image by Kristine Lejniece from Pixabay

All that running and relaxing in the heat is bound to make you more than a little hungry and thirsty. Don’t let you or your friends get hangry and ruin the fun. To ensure you have all the spoils of a magnificent feast without any spoiled food, don’t forget these summer packing essentials:

  • Make your own ice blocks by freezing water in big Tupperware. You can also freeze plastic bottles that’ll double as hydration later when they’ve thawed.
  • Why put a strain on your back when you can pack all your favorite goodies in a cooler with wheels? That way, you don’t have to pick between Coke or Pepsi—just bring both (the cooler can handle the load)!
  • Buy a cheap tarp or insulating sheet to put over your cooler and picnic area when you’re not eating—that way, your food is sure to stay nice and fresh the whole day through.

#4 Artsy Tools for the Creatives

Photo by Dallas Reedy on Unsplash

If you and your crew are less of a Peyton Manning and more of a Pablo Picasso, then worry not! Use that frisbee as a painter’s palette and let your imagination run wild in the summer breeze.

Here are some outdoor-friendly art ideas for a creative’s midsummer daydream:

  • Gather your classic beach tools and build architectural masterpieces out of the sand. Who says kids are the only ones who can make sandcastles? Or, bury your friend at the waist and make them a mermaid tail out of sand (that trick never gets old). 
  • A Bluetooth, waterproof speaker to blast your favorite summer jams as you dance like no one’s watching.
  • Some portable henna cones for intricate, mess-free artistry. All you need is a human canvas and some shade for hours of relaxing creativity. 
  • Pack some sturdy, thick paper, light brushes, and a portable watercolor set for a lovely afternoon of romantic landscape painting.
  • Ornate sun tattoos so you can remember all the fun you had the next morning. 

#5 Relaxation Materials

Folding chairs
Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash

With all this equipment, you may have forgotten that you’re going to want to rest at some point. Unless your summer day is happening right outside your house, you’ll want to bring some nice relaxation materials and portable seating with you. 

Before stepping out into the sun, don’t forget the following items:

  • A luxurious Turkish towel for sunbathing in comfort
  • Some foldable chairs for easy seating
  • The novel you’re currently devouring
  • Bug spray (because nothing says stress like the sting of a billion mosquitos)  

Here Comes the Sun

Don’t let the high temperatures, aggressive winds, or sweltering sands stop you from having the time of your life this summer—while the AC is lovely; the outdoors is even better. Take advantage of these precious moments with friends and family and embrace all that nature has to offer. 

No matter what, all the essential gear in the world won’t beat the #1 summer necessity: a fun-loving spirit. 

Now go outside and hang out with your buddies. Summer is calling!  

Featured Image by Thomas Buchenberger from Pixabay