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6 Accessories Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Owning your own business means being your own boss and having much more freedom to run things how you want. But one thing that never changes as a business owner is the need to present yourself as a professional. In fact, it’s almost as important as having a good business strategy, making the right connections, and maintaining your brand reputation. 

While the old days of wearing a stuffy suit to business meetings, presentations, and other obligations, have virtually disappeared in the new age, there are still certain details you need to get right. From your appearance to your professionalism, here are 6 accessories that every entrepreneur should have:


As a business owner, how you present yourself matters. To ensure that you always put off a polished, respectable appearance, here are some essential lifestyle items you should have: 

Sophisticated Watch 

Silver watch
Image by Richard Maguluko from Pixabay

A nice watch pulls your outfit together. While you don’t have to show up to your meetings wearing a Rolex, you do want to choose something that looks high-quality and professional. Silver watches for men are a popular choice when it comes to selecting the perfect business-appropriate watch as they look stunning with nearly every color in your wardrobe without being too flashy. However, depending on your skin tone, you may be better suited for a gold or rose gold watch. Try a few options before settling on which looks best on you, you’ll probably end up wearing it nearly every day, so you want it to be something you like. 

High-Quality Fragrance

An overpowering or off-putting can leave a lasting impression on clients or colleagues, and not the good kind. You want something that will keep you smelling fresh but doesn’t draw too much attention. When shopping for the right fragrance, you want to choose something that’s fairly neutral, meaning that the scent isn’t likely to put anyone off. Classic scents that are light and refreshing, instead of something bold are typically your best bet if you don’t already have a higher-end perfume or cologne. 

If you prefer something a little more distinct, get some testers of different scents that you can test out to see what you like best. 

Sleek Bag or Wallet

Sleek Bag or Wallet
Photo by Christian Seymour on Unsplash

Of course, you need to carry around your possessions in something, but a casual backpack won’t cut it if you want to be taken seriously in most circles. Instead, upgrade your style and opt for a sleek bag or nice leather wallet. If you have the equipment to carry around like your laptop and marketing materials, a sophisticated tech bag will help you look more professional. Select something in a classic hue such as brown or black that will pair nicely with the majority of your wardrobe so you can take it everywhere with you without a second thought.


First impressions aren’t just about looks, they’re also about preparation and putting off an air of experience. When you head out for a day of meetings, take off for travel for a business trip, or plan to work remotely, there are a few things you will always want to have on you: 

Portable Power Bank

Nothing says unprepared like a dead phone or laptop. Don’t let yourself get caught off guard and stuck with the embarrassing excuse that your gadgets aren’t charged. Instead, carry a portable power bank with you everywhere you go to keep your phone and computer charged at all times. Fortunately, power banks come in all weights and sizes, so they’re not as bulky as their outdated counterparts. Find one that you can easily slip into your pocket or clutch for convenient power on-the-go—even when there are no outlets in sight. 

Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Image by HOerwin56 from Pixabay

Whether you need to take calls while running errands or focus while working in public, having a pair of high-quality noise-canceling headphones will allow you to be your most productive self.

When choosing a pair of headphones, keep in mind the design. You will probably want to choose something sleek in either black or white to maintain your professional appearance. Airpods or something similar that simply pop into your ear will provide the most sophisticated look for business on-the-go. Save the fun colors and bulky over-the-ear headphones for gym sessions. 

Luxury Pen

Given the tech-driven world of business today, having a pen on-hand might seem like an outdated notion. However, you never know when it could come in handy when signing contracts, making approvals, or simply lending one to a client to verify an invoice. Having a luxury pen is a timeless status symbol that any serious entrepreneur should carry with them. 

In addition to these 6 must-have accessories, don’t forget that what you wear matters too—well-fitted clothing is the key to looking your best.  And don’t forget to inject your personal style too—people respect authentic business owners.