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Personal Style and Fashion for Men

How Men Can Elevate their Personal Style and Fashion in 2020

Men: have you decided that 2020 is going to be the year that you put more effort into your personal style and fashion? Do you want to find a style that is more reflective of who you are and your lifestyle? Want to elevate your style so that you look trendy?  Do you want to opt for those high-end items that are not only fashionable but tend to be timeless? If that’s the case, there are plenty of steps and changes you can make.

To help you on your journey of being more stylish and trendy, here are some tips you can start to follow right away. It’s time to elevate your personal style whether for work, casual, or dress.

Purge Your Closet

His closet
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

A great place to start when elevating your personal style is to go through every item of clothing you currently own.  Be really honest about what you want to keep and what should be donated or thrown in the bin. As you examine each piece, you can think about such things as fit, the style, the age of the piece, how often you wear it, and whether it reflects the style journey you are on right now. 

For many people, purging can be a difficult task as many items end up holding sentimental value – yes, clothing and fashion can hold sentimental value. It’s important to examine your feelings and ask yourself if those material items are truly worth hanging on to.

Figure Out Your Actual Size

The next step to take before you actually start to shop is to get fitted and figure out your proper size. No matter how fashionable the items are that you buy, if they don’t fit you properly, they won’t look right. You can invest a lot of money in a gorgeous designer suit, but if it hasn’t been tailored to fit you, then it’s not going to come across the same way. Suddenly that expensive designer suit will look sloppy, poorly constructed, and far from stylish.

Some of the more difficult items to find the proper fit for include men’s suits, dress shirts, and denim. It will be well worth your time to get out a tape measure and get measuring if you don’t want to go into the store to be fitted.

Designer Denim is the Way to Go

Men's jeans
Image by Michi S from Pixabay

As you start to slowly build your wardrobe with pieces that are fashionable, trendy, and, of course, high-end, one staple should be designer denim. Everyone can wear denim regardless of their job or lifestyle; denim will get worn even if it’s just on the weekends as your casual wear. But here’s the trick when it comes to denim: it’s the cut and wash that will determine just how fashionable it looks.

High-end denim tends to use much better quality denim, and you’ll find the construction to be better. This means you don’t have to worry about stitching that has come loose and difficult to use buttons and zippers. Everything is just that much better quality. 

A great wash to start with is a dark wash, as these are the most versatile of all denim. Dark wash denim can be casual and paired with a simple t-shirt and leather jacket, or the style can be elevated with a fabulous dress shirt and tie to give a more finished look.

In terms of style, there are plenty to choose from, but the most universally flattering style tends to be bootcut. A pair of bootcut jeans will give your body shape, but they aren’t tight and form-fitting. At the same time, they are tailored enough that they won’t look baggy and sloppy. They are the perfect middle-of-the-road style.

Footwear Can Make the Outfit

Casual shoes
Photo by Mnz from Pexels

Then there is footwear, which can literally make or break an outfit. Footwear, in fact, can take a relatively simple look and elevate it to the next level of fashion and design. And it’s not just dress shoes. It’s your casual shoes too.

You can go ahead and elevate your weekend wardrobe with a pair of designer sneakers – such as Givenchy sneakers – which will make a statement and provide an exceptional level of comfort. SSENSE is a popular online retailer that deals in all things designer and high-end fashion. Go ahead and browse the impressive selection of Givenchy sneakers on the SSENSE site, checking out the many cuts, colors, materials, and styles. You may even find you want to grab a couple of pairs as they each make their own specific statement.

You’re Ready to Show Off that Elevated Fashion Look

Each of these tips seems relatively minor on its own, but when you pair them all together, you’ll be well on your way to elevating your personal style and fashion. You’ll have a more polished and high-end look by the time you finish your style transformation.

Featured Photo by Chloe Kala from Pexels