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8 Best Roof Racks for 2020

Roof racks have proven to be the best solution for expanding storage capacity without sacrificing the legroom. With so many traveling enthusiasts and campers in the modern world, the idea seems to be trending. But how do you know which roof rack is ideal for you and your vehicle? That is in terms of the weight limit, mounting style, and, most importantly, the type of gear it can carry. Here is a list of eight best roof racks in the market. All you have to do is pick one roof rack that is going to answer all your storage problems.

Blue car with roof rack
Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Yakima Whispbar S1 Flush Bar Roof Rack System

The Yakima Whispbar S1 roof rack system comes with a unique design that is going to blend with your car remarkably well. The equipment not only provides you with a storage solution but also improves the appearance of your automobile. Its aerodynamic design reduces noise significantly and prevents drag. With its patented SKS technology, you will have no problem removing and fitting accessories whenever you want. The system has the capability of carrying a maximum load of 75kgs or 165Lbs. That is why it is one of the best roof rack systems in the market.

CargoLoc 2-Piece Crossbar set

Sometimes it’s good to have a roof rack system that can carry lightweight cargo occasionally. CargoLoc 2-Piece 52inch roof rack offers that kind of service without compromise. The equipment comes with a durable, coated aluminum material for prolonged usage. It also fits well on the existing roof rails thanks to its mounting design, which is exceptional. The rack system has the capability of carrying as much as 150 pounds of load. Some of the things you can load include kayaks, bikes, and skis, among others.

Roof rack with bikes
Photo by Alan Carrillo on Unsplash

Thule CrossRoad Complete Roof Rack System

Thule Crossroad is one of the most secure and sturdy roof rack systems that can withstand regular usage. The roof rack, however, requires you to have a vehicle with pre-installed roof rails. Thule CrossRoad uses Thule locks to secure the rack on the rails and ensure it doesn’t fall off once installed. It also comes with adjustable feet that allow you to modify the rack system to your vehicle’s needs. With the rubberized road bars, be sure that you will not have to worry about any weather conditions. 

Front Runner Slime II Grab-On Roof Rack

The slime II grab-on rack system by Front Runner is a piece of fantastic equipment meant for anyone interested in the best universal roof rack system. It comes with various mounting solutions to ensure it fits perfectly on the roof of your car. The rack is lightweight and easy to install on your vehicle. It comes with durable material that can handle harsh environmental conditions. There is an inclusion of a wind deflector to reduce the amount of noise and drag when traveling, making it one of the best rack systems.

camping gear
Photo by SaiKrishna Saketh on Unsplash

7 Blacksmiths Roof cargo Basket

Any traveler who wants something that can carry a range of gear efficiently should turn to this roof rack system. It comes in a basket design that only requires you to haul and secure your cargo then be on your way. The design is adjustable, and so it can fit most pre-installed crossbars. It comes with wind fairings to reduce wind drag and noise when traveling. What will interest you even further is its ability to carry a maximum load of 250Lbs without any problems whatsoever. It is an excellent choice for frequent campers and backpackers.

FieryRed Universal Cargo Basket

The roof rack comes with a dynamic design that makes it suitable for most automobiles. The whole equipment consists of premium steel material that has a powder coating to ensure the durability of the cargo basket. Its design makes it easy to install, and even better, you can mount it on your vehicle’s factory-installed crossbars. Its maximum weight of 170Lbs makes it perfect for carrying various camping gear without having to worry about your vehicle’s storage capacity. It is very reliable, given that it fits perfectly and maintains its position for as long as you want.

Box roof rack
Photo by Cameron Stewart on Unsplash

Thule Force Cargo Box

The Thule Force Cargo box comes with a unique design and glossy finish. The shell has a diamond texture, and that alone can make the cargo box enhance your vehicle a great deal. The aerodynamic nature is meant to reduce wind drag and noise. It also comes with a dual access system, and that means you can open the box from any side. The Quick-Grip knob enables you to attach it to any roof rack easily, and so you will only need a couple of minutes to have it fully installed.

Highland Heavy Gauge Bar Carrier

One of the key components of the highland bar carrier is its durable build, which is made up of heavy gauge steel material. The design fits most vehicles that have rain gutters, and that makes it compatible with more cars. What puts it on the list of top roof racks is that the equipment can extend from 37inches to 62inches. That means you get to have more room to install various carrying components. The whole equipment takes a few minutes to install and remove and so you won’t waste too much time in the garage.

That is a comprehensive list of the top eight best roof racks for 2020. What all those products have in common is that they will not fail you. Each of them comes with an aerodynamic design and heavy-duty material to prevent wind drag and durability, respectively. Make your choice, and enjoy the luxury of your new storage system.

Featured Photo by ALEKSEY KUPRIKOV on Unsplash