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Adhuri Kahani Hamari Written Episode 4th February 2016

Adhuri Kahani Hamari Written Episode 4th February 2016

The episode starts with Madhav and Manu’s amorous nok jhok. Their romance continues. Manu recognizes her earring missing. They both get bashful looking at each other.

Maya thinks Manu tomorrow if Madhav marries, she will not be able to consider Nagmani. She will turn the marriage of tomorrow into mourning. She orders her icchadhari nag vanish team to follow her orders. They all concur.

Madhav gets prepared as the bridegroom. Badi Rani says his father wore it on his union and grandpa on his union and gave him their family necklace, it is extremely auspicious.

Badi Rani dies due to the toxin and walks in the yard when Maya bites her, and she falls. Madhav inquires what’s she doing here. She takes him along and says assessing guests. All pearls and family necklace breaks shatter. Yuvraj decides them from flooring and walks towards Badi rani’s dead body, but he stops and takes him along.

Manu wearing bridal dress is brought into mantap. Pandit begins mantras. Chote Raja and Rani greet guests in. Badi Rani guards and claps lock door. Chote raja inquires why did room close. He sees their bright eyes that are green and says they’re nags in guests sort.

Precap: Maya says if he desires to save his mom, Yuvraj, walk out together with her, and he must return Nagmani. Badi Amma attempts to assault with guard dev idol, but Takshika stabs her and she expires