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Balika Vadhu full Written Episode 6th November 2015

Balika Vadhu full Written Episode 6th November 2015:

The episode begins with Disa thinking about ripping Nimboli’s gown. Dadisaa claims often it occurs and requires Anandi to not believe significantly. Anandi requires some traditions to sit down and do. Ganga and Anandi clean young girls toes and do the traditions included in dhanteras event. They provide women presents and provides food. Her cover starts and informs she’ll provide 5 Rs to Anandi and Disa each. Disa appears on angrily.

Court case begins. Judge says before he wish to finish the instances, although he’s likely to retire quickly. Protection attorney informs that justice couldn’t supply tangible proofs against him and asks Judge. He proposes that Mangla is just a liar. Justice claims that their proofs are correct. Protection asks where’s the villagers who claims children tell what parents taught them, and are the experience to Gopal’s homicide. Justice claims it’s our bodies reduction and claims children usually inform the reality. He claims all of the villagers are scared because they experience regulation can’t do anything. He claims I saw individuals are actually scared to consider his title and visited his household.

He informs Kamli claims anything poor has occurred to her which pushed her to provide declaration against her dad, and offered declaration against Akhiraj. He asks judge to check out Urmila’s situation and punish Akhiraj to ensure that a typical guy begins thinking on courtroom and regulation. The consensus is written by judge. Nimboli claims Akhiraj is likely to be tried and functions as judge, and his consequence is the fact that he need to get water from properly.

Dadisaa claims Akhiraj must get demanding consequence. Judge claims after reading witnesses and the reasons, this judge has already reached towards the reasoning. Only villagers come requesting Judge to prevent. A lady informs that she claims he had been murdered by Akhiraj and is the experience to Gopal’s homicide. Akhiraj are surprised. Anandi laughs.

Judge asks that are you-all? Kamli claims they claims these were frightened before and are folks of Jhalra, however now they would like to get Akhiraj tried for his offenses. Disa wipes her holes and appears cheerfully. Akhiraj had a battle with me and claims they’re my opponents. Judge claims he wish to hear their declaration, and says I can’t dismiss them. They are called by him on experience box. Akhiraj seems hardened.

There is informs that Akhiraj a lady Gopal’s monster. Villagers provide declaration against him. Judge claims courtroom has already reached towards the decision……. after reading the witnesses