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Balika Vadhu Written Episode 19th January 2016

Balika Vadhu Written Episode 19th January 2016

The Episode starts with Shivam seeing Dadisaa collapsed on floor. Abhi is called by him. They try to make her drink water, but she could not. Shivam strives calling Dr. Anant’s number, but his phone is not answered. Shivam says how we will take her to hospital. Abhi says we must take her anyhow. They take her on cart. Kamli comes to the Police station and advises Inspector that she heard her mum speaking to Akhiraj, and she knows about his area. Inspector hears her. Kundan’s favorite dish is made by Harki and waits for him. Inspector includes constables and arrests her. Kamli thinks humankind is beyond everything and feels awful. Shivam attempts calling Anant, but he doesn’t pick the call. Shivam and Abhi pull the cart. Anant comes out of OT and conversations to a patient’s family member. He calls her and sees Dadisaa’s missed calls.

The call is picked by Shivam and tells everything. Anant says he is coming there and asks them to keep walking. Kundan comes home. Pushkar advises him that Authorities catch Harki. Kamli says he is saying truth. Inspector requests Harki, why she’s supporting her husband that is criminal. Harki says her husband has never been talked to by her. Inspector says your daughter heard you talking to your husband. Kundan comes to the Police station. Inspector asks him to go home he’ll detain him too. Kundan calls Akhiraj and comes out. Akhiraj takes the call and asks him to say. Akhiraj asks him not to worry. Then Inspector takes the phone from his hand and calls again. He requests Akhiraj to surrender and say where’s he? Akhiraj busts the telephone angrily. He says he’ll teach a lesson to Jagya. Abhi and Shivam pull the cart with much issue. They see ambulance coming. Anant comes with ambulance and takes Dadisaa with him.

Akhiraj calls Jagya and requests him to return home, as his wife’s dead body is being sent by him there. Jagya says we are doing as you said, and questions what went wrong? Jagya says I haven’t done anything and says if your wife is in police detention then she’ll be freed now. He asks him not to do anything to ganga. SP is called by him and asks him to free Harki. Harki was detained Nimboli questions? Jagya says that’s why she got detained and she may have done something awful. Harki says she is not guilty. Inspector says you as well as your son are supporting Akhiraj and guilty. Harki says we’re innocent. Inspector gets the call of SP and he requests him to leave her. Inspector leaves Harki with a warning. Harki comes out of police station and thinks she’ll deal with Kamli. Anant tells Mannu, Shivam and Abhi that Dadisaa will be treated by a heart specialist. Dadisaa is observed in the ICU.

Precap: Doctor tells something to Anant shocking them. Akhiraj calls everyone and Jagya to the place. Anandi tells Mangla that she want to tell the truth to Nimboli on her birthday.