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Bhaghyalakshmi 10th November 2015 Full Written Episode

Bhaghyalakshmi 10th November 2015 Full Written Episode:

Yuvraj sees her shivering in temperature and enters the room of Divya/Bhoomi. Anish enters with material and water to prep Divya’s brow and asks Yuvraj what’s he doing here. Ansh says doctor aren’t accessible as a result of curfew in city. Yuvraj says he calls his doctor and has doctor, but doctor will not decide call. Doc eventually decides on call. Doc sa Yuvraj cannot come as a result of curfew. Yuvraj continues scolding Divya.

Ansh uses cold material on the brow of Bhoomi/Divya, but her temperature increases. Ansh says his wife is sick and calls doctor. Ansh believes he cannot betray his bhoomi and do this, but then concurs seeing her state. Ansh sleeps hugging her closely and removes his clothes and Divya’s.

In the early hours, Yuvraj knocks and comes door. Yuvraj additionally gets dressed. They both subsequently escape from room. Badi maa asks Yuvraj what’s he doing here and passes by. Bhoomi is asked by Badi maa is Yuvraj now. Bhoomi says she’s good. Badi maa says it’s not bad Yuvraj got well shortly. Bhoomi say she’ll get prepared and meet with her shortly. Badi maa asks Yuvraj to rest.

Ansh attempts to lock door and goes back with Divya/Bhoomi. Yuvraj tells and powerfully enters Bhoomi night, she was seriously sick. Ansh says Bhoomi is good thanks and now for his concern. Badi maa tells Bhoomi and Ansh that Yuvraj came to tell them about diwali. Bhoomi says she’ll get prepared for pooja. Badi maa says Yuvraj should rest first.

Precap: Ansh tells Bhoomi since doctor can barely attend her proposed to give body heat and that she got high temperature yesterday night, so he slept with her. Pavitra hears their dialogue and smirks believing she got jackpot now..