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Bigg Boss 9 Written Episode 23rd January 2016

Bigg Boss 9 Written Episode 23rd January 2016

Blockbuster Grand Finale

Bigg boss house door is opened, Nagin comes in house. Mouni Roy(from Nagin show) comes in house and says some folks came in this house and got well-known. This season, two people were connected together but it absolutely was not love tie but their restrictions.

Clip plays, how Kishwar was not happy with her partner is shown. How Keith had difficult time to handle Mandana is revealed.

Mouni says an inmate kept weeping that she wanna go out but didnt leave when house doors were opened and came, it occurred in house for first time. Rimi’s clips are revealed.
Mouni says others didnt create relations that are actual or back bit people.

Mouni says all finalists believe they are winners but one victor has been picked by crowd and now game of snake and mongoose is starting, it’s ending match of Bigg boss.

Salman Khan is in house. He dancing on Principal hun Hero tera song.

House door is opened again. Ashoka from Charakvartin Ashoka Samrat show comes in house, He bound and comes to Salman. Salman takes him from there, Ashoka gets excellent welcome, he folds embraces Salman and his hand. Salman leaves from house.

Salman comes on Finale stage. Salman dances on Aaj ki Celebration tune. Ashoka and Mouni joins him too. After dance, Salman embraces says oh Nagin is there also and Ashoka, he embraces her. Salman asks Mouni will she not bite anyone? Mouni laughs. Mouni and Ashoka leaves.

Salman welcomes everyone in Bigg boss grand ending. Salman says I am believing that prisoners in house are clapping also. He says this is season is becoming completed, I dont know if I should feel joyful or sad, its Kabhi khushi kabhi gham, I need to ask SRK, all laugh.

Salman says four offenders are in house, choice has been given by India, we’ll see who is going to be winner, only crowd got the chance to choose. ROCHELLE, MANDANA, RISHAB AND PRINCE are battling for ending.

Salman says some ex-contestants didnt come in finale and some were not invited by endemol(production house). Salman says lets hear it from defeated contestants of house, all laugh. Salman says lets begin with Suyyash. Salman says he’ll ask Kishwar so I am going to request Kishwar directly and I will request Suyyash, he inquires Kishwar who is going to be winner? Kishwar says I ‘d need Prince to win, Salman says liar, she laughs. Salman requests Keith, Keith says I want Rochelle to win. Salman says soon we’ll know who is going to win.

Salman says our finalists are becoming ready for ending.

Finalists come in task area where make up artists are present. Their makeover starts. Prince is given sharp hair edges. Rishab is given Sherwani to blue pain. Prince wears tuxedo. Black dress is worn by Rochelle, Mandana wears turquoise gown that is long.

Bigg boss says to prisoners that leaving behind 20prisoners, you four are finalists of this season, one will win this season but this really isn’t time to consider it, this is time to celebrate of being finalist, bigg boss wanna say why not raise a toast? Wine bottle starts, Prince serves it everyone, they cheer for Bigg supervisor and Bigg manager. Prince thanks audience. Bigg supervisor says you’re standing on significant position, your well wishers are praying for you, lets see what your close ones have said about you.

Her boyfriend says I believed she wo unable to do it Mandana is very booked and have reached great heights but she did. She’s struggling to get spot in India. As she is consistent, she deserves to win.

The video of Rishab plays, her mother says Rishab was very naughty in childhood, he is same in house. She says this is first time I am for so much time away from him, Rishab you have acquired hearts, come out shortly.

Rochelle’s video plays, her mom says he used to wear angel’s crown. Rochelle’s father says she weeps but she is strong. Her mother says I understood she’s internal strength.
Prince’s clip plays, his mom says he is Prince and will remain Prince. He’ll win.

clip ends, Mandana says to Rochelle that your father is very adorable, you look precise like him.
Salman says you are looking good, Mandana says thanks to Bigg boss makeover, Salman says you can give bigg boss makeover too. Mandana says love you additionally.

Their parents are shown by Salman to them. Rochelle says hi to her family, her father says I am liking to be here, I’ve learned hindi from you, Rochelle says you are looking mom that is fine, thank you for coming here.

Prince sees his sister, Salman asks if she was inside then wouldnt you left house for her? Prince says they’re significant too.

Rishab sees his mother, she gets emotional, Rishab says dont cry Yaar, Salman says calling mummy yaar? Rishab says my mother is looking fine, we have Miss India in house and you are miss world.
Salman says to Mandana that sorry we called your boyfriend but he is taking massage in thailand, Mandana says great for him.

Salman reveals her someone, Mandana says i missed you so much, Salman asks who’s she? Mandana says she’s my trainer/ as I am totally out of shape, Salman asks what work she does, close friend, I need her? Mandana goes blank, all laugh, Salman says she has lost scheme, Mandana says I dont remember her name(tainer’s name), Salman says she’s Sindy, you’ve started talking hindi so much that you forgot her name, Salman requests her boyfriend’s name? Salman asks Rochelle her parents name? She answers it and says they’re looking lovely.

Salman says to convicts who I have name of winner in envelope, Prince holds the hand in expectation of Rochelle. Salman requests who’s sure to win? Rishab, Mandana, and Prince says they’re sure they are victor. Salman says you all dreamed of becoming winner but only one’s wish will be executed, we will get to learn about it soon. He says I saw dream last night, Keith and Rochelle were dancing in pool in winters, Rishab was there also, I dont understand if it was actual or dream? Rochelle says real, Salman says lets share.

Keith’s performance and Rochelle starts. Keith lifts Rochelle, they have steamy dance performance, Keith dances with her and takes Rochelle to poolside, they get close to smooch but doesnt, they continue dance, Keith brings her out of pool, performance ends.

You are said by Rishab behind demon and devil is behind you, he comes on poolside and says you both keep performing like and I am going to keep cleaning pool. He dances on Gabbbar, he says one has to become legend to win over legend. he gives dynamic performance and says it doesnt matter(his statement line), he says I ‘m hero from my work.


Salman says we will see who has won the match. Few folks must be missing them so Bharti’s relatives and Krishna dont stress and watch humor night, I’ve brought them here.

Bharti Singh and Krishna Abhishek comes there and dancing with Salman. After dance, Krushna says Bharti is dancing like penguin, Krishna says clap for Salman, all do. Salman says you both danced but why folks are clapping for me? If I stand upside down then nobody will see me and wear Lungi, Salman says in case you stand down in lungi then folks don’t see you but something else of yours, they laugh.

Krushna says when Salman is standing beside, who will clap for us?

Bharti asks Salman that on weekends and on weekdays his films work he take classes of bigg boss prisoners so he doesnt do anything on sundays?

Bharti says to Salman that you take class of prisoners, now allow us, Kishwar says no. Bharti says Kishwar’s face is so enormous that she is able to go in lake and may bring fish out with her face only, Krishna says she took a dip in lake and brought a fish out that was Suyyash, Suyyash laugh.

Bharti says Keith was in house but was not seen, individuals from different areas ask him from where he goes, Keith laughs. Krishna says how can this occur? That Yuvika is here and we dont ignore her? Yuvika laughs, Bharti says Priya Malik is teacher, Krushna says as she created so many holes in people she is real dabangg, Priya laughs.

Budha of comedy nights bachao comes, Budha says I was in Bajrangi bhaijan, I was on otherside of Pakistan. Bharti says film directer requested him to perform in green fields, he went there and peed, all laugh. Bharti says even housemates have this kind of chemistry that is love and fights both.

The clip of Rochelle and Keith plays, how they fights as well as had great moments. Prince had good times with Yuvika. Afterward house Prince had romantic moments with Nora. The clip of Suyyash and Kishwar plays, how he wept clip ends when Kishwar was made dog.

Budha says I cant praise their performing but all i can declare is pictures are waiting for them, 12 films are being released, you can all go to observe it, Salman laughs. Bharti says there were fights too.

Clip plays, Rickshaw job fights are shown, how Kishwar, how Prince had verbal fights with Rochelle, how Keith showed middle finger to Mandana was kicked by Mandana. How Mandana pushed Kishwar and Suyyash threatening Mandana then Kishwar pushing her back. Priya had fights with Prince in sand endeavor how Mandana got violent with Priya, then how Rishab had verbal fights with Prince, clip ends.

Salman says woo, Budha says was it Khatron ki Khiladi? Krishna says we’ll show you videos that are very interesting, lets see.

The clip of Salman plays, of how he’s not allowed to go to washroom his humorous actions. Salman laughs. Bharti says lets when energy pills are eaten by Salman. Salman’s;amusing clips again.

After these clips, what Salman will do with colors, lets watch out, Bharti says. Clip plays, Salman threatening colors in humorous way is revealed.

Bharti asks Salman did you like it? Salman says shades folks, you jerk, all laugh. Bharti says we have made song for you. Saturday Saturday song’s changed version plays:

Bigg boss nine chief wadda kuch ghatiya (Bigg boss 9 had tons of stuff in it)