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Bigg Boss 9 Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

Bigg Boss 9 Written Episode Update 18th January 2016

5 days to go for Ending
Day 99
The housemates wake up to Sunny Leone’s tune ‘Laila’. Inmates wake up and Prince lifts Rishab dance and dances, Rochelle and Keith dances joining bums.

The day starts with Keith recalling Rimi’s prediction about Prince, Mandana and him being the finalists.

bigg boss calls inmates in confession room one by one.
Prince is in confession room, Bigg boss asks how is believing being in finale week? He says not actually humble. Bigg boss says ALL OFFENDERS ARE NOMINATED and this is last chance to entertain audience.
Keith comes in confession room, Bigg supervisor says you’re seen not more, have you thought about it? Keith says yes, I’m thinking to be looked on display more.
Bigg supervisor requests Rishab how is feeling? Rishab says I was underestimated by prisoners but audience and you folks didnt, Bigg bos wants him luck.
Bigg boss says to Rochelle that you’ll be given secret endeavor, you will be given in-earphone, wear clothing which can hide it, Rochelle nods.
Bigg boss inquires Mandana how she’s feeling? she says this is my house, I’m not behaving so psychological anymore.

He gives her in- earphone. Bigg Boss gives a secret job to Rochelle and gives her in ear cans to follow the directions. Additionally, Rochelle given a group of challenges to complete during the day and is hijacked by Sunny Leone, Sunny will direct through her in-earphones and certainly will give her tasks time to time and certainly will see her on screen. Sunny gives first task to Rochelle to give kiss to all lads in house.

She comes in skies sofa where all inmates are sitting. She asks what you people are doing? Sunny requests Rochelle to flirt with Rishab. Rochelle says to Rishab that when I didnt get message from my loved ones and you made me read your mother’s letter, then you put chili powder in eyes, I didnt enjoy it, suppose if I was single and came in house, what you did for me that day, I could have given heart to you personally, Rishab says I am sorry to put chili in your eyes, Prince says enough Rishab, Rochelle asks if he is covetous? rishab says if you had come alone then I ‘d be Mr. India and you would be Miss India, Keith comes there, Prince says see whats happening here, she’s flirting with Rishab, Rochelle says I can do that infront of him, she says Rishab gave his mother’s letter to me and I was so joyful and thought that this man has something, Rishab says I ‘d desire to meet Rochelle outside house with or without Keith, they laugh, Keith says when Rochelle calls you irritating then it means she likes you, Prince says she calls me that. Sunny requests Prince to be flirted with by Rochelle now. If he ever thought about her for relationship Rochelle requests Prince? Prince says when you were getting prepared that I told you that I wish my girlfriend is like you, but I genuinely like you as my friend, Rochelle says what if I caress your face? he says I ‘d caress back, Prince says you are my brother’s girlfriend, Rochelle says he commended me when I wore saree, Prince dancing with her, Keith asks Prince if flirted with her? He says yes, Keith says Rochelle is giving full line to Prince and Rishab. Prince says Rochelle is looking adorable, Rochelle inquires if he enjoys hot or cute? Prince cunning, Rochelle comes close,she says he is becoming uneasy, Prince says I am not, Keith says you’re, you even changed your position, Rochelle says a girl is staying with you for 3months and you didnt think about her that way even once? Prince says no, Rochelle says why you’re getting unconformable? Prince goes to sit beside Keith and says no, Rishab asks Rochelle to play with him, she says no, I would like to tease Prince. Prince asks Rochelle to sit, she says no, Rochelle says why you’re sitting with my boyfriend? Prince says he’d save me, Rochelle says why you are wearing high neck? Prince says dont tease me, we are in house for 3months, Rochelle says you didnt think about me? Prince says I did, I thought my girlfriend should be like you, Sunny says to Rochelle that you are sport that is amazing, you did well, now make Mandana angry.

Rochelle comes to Mandana and ask what happened to you? Why you left heavens lounge? Mandana says I am tired of non sense, Rochelle says you spoil interesting mood, you understand how is Rishab, Mandana says I know how they’re and I dont wanna change them, Rochelle says individuals adapt for you, 5people are with you, Mandana says I am alone, Rochelle says you are alone again why you people casualty card everytime? Mandana says I am not saying it, I rather be alone then being with 5 individuals, Keith comes there, Mandana requests him that I told Rochelle.. Sunny asks Rochelle to start pillow fight with Keith spontaneously. Keith says to Mandana that if you dont like their business then you can leave, Rochelle says why you’re coming in my conversation, she beats him with pillow, Keith asks her to come out, Rochelle says I wanna be here, Keith says we should appreciate out.
Mandana asks Rochelle whats problem with her? Keith says its post menstrual jitters, Mandana laughs, Mandana Rochelle and Keith starts pillow fight, Rishab and Prince joins in too, Sunny says great job Rochelle.


Mastizade starts playing. Sunny Leone comes in house, she hugs everyone

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