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Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Episode 18th January 2016

Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Episode 18th January 2016

Resham says we have to understand the wish of Chotu, will he agree to this suggestion. Babasa says do not worry, his heart is big, he went on me, he is not like today’s kids, he understands to respect seniors, he adored his Dadi a lot, he’ll never refuse.

Priya fools says mum would like to give me to someone financially protected and Chotu, as your elder brother has made you leave house she’s worried, I know you will establish my mum incorrect, correct? She hugs him. She says its our problem, I know you’ll pass any exam to get me, we will get married right. He grins.

Babasa inquires Resham what she needs. Resham says tea. He says even I like tea. Bhabho requests him to see his age. He says I m not sad that Resham came here. Sandhya smiles and corrects the line. Babasa says I understand. Meenakshi speaks and comes to Bhabho. Resham suggests some hair remedies. Bhabho says we additionally do these remedies, and tells Babasa that she’ll see him after.

Babasa says Resham ji, two days before Chotu revealed your pic, and compliments her. Meenakshi tells Sandhya that the tone of Babasa looks changed today. Babasa asks Sandhya to get pic. Resham says I have got my granddaughter’s pic. Sandhya gets a letter and also Resham’s pic. The letter is read by Sandhya. Resham writes that Sita thought to turn their camaraderie in its proud thing for her, relationship, giving the suggestion of Aryan for Arzoo revealed that space in centers should be less, we’ll meet soon at Ajmer Dargah.

Bhabho and Meenakshi like Arzoo seeing her pic. Resham says she’s one in a million. Babasa sees pic and compliments Resham. Her aunt cries and falsifies tears. She says everything is destroyed. Arzoo inquires what happened. She says you understand your uncle, he is not going to leave me, I’ll go and expire. Her stops. Her aunt says I can not stay here I ‘ll commit suicide. Arzoo says no need to tell uncle about larceny, and by the amount Dadi kept for me, I’ll get one that is new about jewelry. Her aunt thinks I ‘ll get that cash.

Meenakshi inquires Resham about her clothing, as she’s wearing salwar suit instead sarees. Resham says we wear salwar suits. Meenakshi questions what, after marriage, women wear sarees. She asks what they wear in gangaur festival. Resham wants to say they do not celebrate. Bhabho asks her about the glass bangles. Resham thinks they says bangles are well-known there and understand about Pakistan well.

Sandhya believes it means Sita wanted Chotu to wed Arzoo, what party favor did Resham do on Sita. Arzoo tells her aunt that she says you are my aunt, and is not joking, I may do this for you, and embraces her. Bhabho says the girl is trained and amazing, I enjoy her. Meenakshi requests Bhabho to believe her dressing and way of speaking is different. Sandhya says everyone talk in urdu in Hyderabad. Meenakshi says I do not believe the pick of bahu of Bhabho will come this time too. Bhabho says its excellent, the girl will learn everything coming here, see Emily, she learnt everything, although she was opposite of us, this girl is of our state. Sandhya says yes, Chotu’s Dadi knew them well and fixed this proposal. Bhabho says yes, we have to agree to Sita’s choice. Sandhya says then we ought to talk to Chotu once, its about his life, his view questions. Bhabho says fine, ask him, I m sure he’ll agree, I enjoy the girl and reveals Arzoo’s pic to Sandhya. Sandhya smiles seeing the pic and says she is very wonderful, her face has artlessness.

Aunt asks Arzoo to sign quickly and is not sad. The pup barks. Arzoo inquires is he hungry. Aunt says I ‘ll get biscuits for him. The jewelry runs and gets. Arzoo says perhaps he’s trying to say something. Arzoo gets the jewelry and her aunt gets shocked. It is thrown by Arzoo and destroy it with her feet.