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Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Episode 21st January 2016

Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Episode 21st January 2016

The Episode starts with Chotu refusing to view pic. Sooraj says he is shy. Sandhya asks Chotu will you wed Arzoo without seeing or talking to her. Chotu says you also married Sooraj without meeting with him. Babasa says see, he is following Sandhya and Sooraj, its good, we got one more pairing here like Diya and Baati, Chotu and Arzoo. Bhabho says you are correct. Chotu you gave us a great Samdhan is said by Babasa, I mean you selected bride that is good for yourself, I ‘ll give pan party, come. Meenakshi says I ‘ll have these sweets and runs with sweet carton. She eats finishes and the sweets the box.

If Bhabho knows this, I will be taunted by her, what to do she says. The carton is torn by her and wraps in cover. Bhabho comes. Bhabho says you are right. Meenakshi says I ‘ll go to shop and gives the carton, Vikram is alone. Bhabho cleans the sweets from her face and says I understand you are Chatori, you won’t change, go. She goes. Sooraj and Sandhya have a talk. He embraces her and asks if I request this. She says I was unwilling to wed, but you were very excited to become bridegroom. He says I used to talk to you by my heart, and have seen you by my heart eyes. She says excellent, it was beautiful and so intimate moment, and wishes Chotu and Arzoo have such love.

Chotu says I agreed to marry Arzoo and discussions to Priya on phone, but I m feeling awful, I did not like to Sooraj and Sandhya till now. He says I love you also. She asks him to sleep. She smiles thinking she should get cash in her hands soon and ends call.

Meenakshi smiles seeing Vikram counting money and goes to shop. She requests him to take her for shopping, and also for movie and goes. She takes cash. He takes money back and says move. He says I m furious, that salesgirl left work. She says I m prepared to help you. He says no, this really isn’t your work, salesgirls are here so that folks view them and come in store. He says wait, are you linking this matter, this is the selection of Bhabho. She says my saving scheme will be there, Bhabho will be there. He asks her not to dream. She says the bride of Chotu will come, we can keep her as salesgirl, we WOn’t give her salary, she is not ugly, how did you like my notion. He says amazing and keeps the money.

The PCO owner checks records and requests the man about Pakistan amount its morning. The man says yes, an old woman came and called Pakistan. Owner says police should be informed by us, do not you read in newspapers. The man apologizes. Ownder says I will inform authorities. He calls police station.

Sandhya greets Babasa and Bhabho. Did you notify Resham that we’re getting shagun Bhabho inquires. Sandhya says yes. Bhabho shows shagun and dry fruits. She requests Sandhya and Sooraj to buy a present for Arzoo. Sandhya says yes, I thought something special. Bhabho says good, we will get marriage mahurat from pandit. Babasa looks at the mirror. Sandhya gets a call, and she is informed by the guy about a girl calling Pakistan and talking about 10 lakhs. She asks him to find out who was she and why did she come here.

Sandhya and Sooraj come to jewelry store to purchase gift for Arzoo. Sooraj enjoys a gold anklet and reveals Sandhya. He asks did you think about this. Priya grins and sees them. Sooraj requests the guy to pack one pair. He makes Sandhya says you understand I ‘ve old relationship with ghungroo sound and wear an anklet, I used to come to you hearing the sound. She says I was newly wed and smiles that time. He says you’re same Sandhya. She says great, its Chotu’s marriage and you’re having fun. Priya chats to her mum, and says you felt I will lose Aryan if he weds Arzoo, see there, they’re Sooraj and Sandhya, Aryan views them Lord, Sooraj is halwai and he fulfilled Sandhya’s vision of becoming IPS accurate, Chotu is his darkness and I m sure he’ll fulfill my dreams. Her mother says this game is on your belief. They laugh. Invoice is paid by Sooraj.

Resham prepares to welcome Arzoo’s inlaws. The door opens and gets shocked seeing authorities. Awasthi speaks to her. She inquires is talking to family incorrect. So you’re Pakistani, show your passport and visa, he says. She reveals him and says I came here to mend my granddaughter’s union, I respect laws. He asks about 10 lakhs issue, they were informed by the PCO owner, she understands the edge scenario. She says every Pakistani is not involved in this, we want to live with peace there. He says we’ve search warrant. I ‘ve request that you just do this after, as my imp guests are coming, although she asks him to do as he finds appropriate. He says sorry, we need to seek now itself. She says good.

Sandhya says this is the guest house, Resham requests the guy, and is remaining here. They all carry on with shagun, while police checks Resham’s totes and room. Sooraj requests where’s Babasa.

Precap: Arzoo’s aunt conversations to Meenakshi. Meenakshi says Sandhya and Sooraj are coming to visit Arzoo, Sandhya is IPS official. Aunty thinks how did she get visa soon, something is fishy.