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Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Episode 30th January 2016

Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Episode 30th January 2016

Begins with Sandhya saying we’ll give them answer by observing republic day nicely, I’ll see who’ll stop us, we’ll lift our flag.

Sandhya calls out his name and looks for Sooraj. She says Sooraj phoned him and didn’t come from market till now. Reception is called by her and she requests him to link to a number. The guy says this amount is away. Sandhya says right and stresses believing whether that man…. She attempts going by elevator and runs. She runs and stresses by stairway. He grins and says Sandhya. Where did you go she inquires what’s this joke, I m attempting to call on your own telephone and called reception, I was frightened.

She asks where are those bangles and grins. The bracelets are shown by him. She says it’s incredible. He says it’s going to appear more amazing when you wear it. She says when you care for me I enjoy. They grin.

The guy requests Resham the names of members that are going to India, Resham tells her family member’s name and discussions to the guy. What he requests is there anyone for visa applications. Arzoo says I feel it’s like massive test and gets tea. Arzoo inquires why all this. Arzoo inquiries are the marriage a crime. Resham says tomorrow, no, we’ll give application.

The guy goes and says I ‘ll endeavour to do your work shortly. Resham requests Arzoo goes to call Meenakshi and are you joyful. Meenakshi is called by her. We require a letter of an invitation, and she says we’re coming to India, you tell your family. Meenakshi says I comprehended, I am going to send a message, anything else. Resham says I ‘ll send the letter to my man that is known, I am going to give medications also for Vikram, he’ll be okay in a day or two. Meenakshi says we will receive medications from Gupta’s house and stresses as this could expose her key, do not send him home. Resham gives the address and means right. It is noted by Meenakshi and endings call. She believes she got saved.

Sandhya wishes everyone happy republic day and talks to the men it’s morning. She is called by Bhabho and they wish each other. What Bhabho inquiries is everything good there. Sandhya says there is no issue here. Bhabho says Chotu will become the son of our family lawfully, we’re going to notary office. She requests Ved to speak to Sandhya. He says lines and says if Sandhya were here, they’d have more fun. He says I m getting for function and provides the phone to Bhabho.

Sooraj asks Sandhya to taste. The chef says I told Sir ji I’ll make sweets, he did not listen. Sooraj makes her eat desserts and wishes her. She desires him and gives candies to the others.
Sooraj and Sandhya walk inside the building. Sandhya gives them sweets and wishes them. She tells the men that Sooraj these tricolor flag desserts were made by himself. Some beep is heard by them. The inspector requests from where this bouquet come, it’s bomb, move back, call security. She thinks did the threatening person sent this to stop us from celebrating Republic day. The guy asks them to vacate the position. The inspector asks Sandhya not to go ahead, we will handle it. Sandhya goes to check. Sooraj gets worried and is stopped by policemen. Sandhya assesses the bouquet. She throws out the flowers one by one. Sandhya gets the bomb and holds it. Sooraj and everyone get shocked.

Precap: That guy taking the Indian flag box is seen by Arzoo. The bomb is broken by Sandhya. Sooraj looks on.