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Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Episode 4th February 2016

Diya Aur Baati Hum Written Episode 4th February 2016

The Episode begins with Bhabho dumping the saree. Sandhya inquires Bhabho did you not enjoy this saree. Bhabho says I like the work on it, but its Pakistani, and so I cannot accept it, but the saree is great. Sandhya says so what, we do not have a personal war with them. She goes.

Arzoo discussions to stars and says mum and father, my marriage is short, Resham is doing all of the arrangements, I’ll be going to India, everything will be left behind, I’ll be remaining there, if I get alone there, whom will I speak. She weeps. Resham comes and Arzoo embraces her weeping. Arzoo says so many stuff are being bought by you. It’s my granddaughter’s union resham says. Arzoo asks her for yet another inclusion; that is her most valuable Dadijaan. She says you’ll be alone if I go; I like embraces Resham and you a lot. Resham says I ‘ll view the films and cheers Arzoo of Salman. They embrace and both weep

Bhabho says its 15 days for Chotu’s union. Emily and Sandhya see the sarees. Bhabho attempts the jewellery on Sandhya. The dupatta on Arzoo tries, and compliments her. Bhabho compliments say it’ll look great on Arzoo and Sandhya. When Chotu is embraced, Meenakshi thinks Arzoo is getting more admiration and love, it will be great if Vikram was adopted too. Mahek looks on as Resham believes when the union rests Resham will know and makes Arzoo ready.

Bhabho makes sweets. Resham makes Arzoo have sweets. Chotu believes everyone is really happy; I lied to everyone. Sandhya tells Sooraj that she made items list. Vikram says I did list other things and all ornamentation. Sandhya and Sooraj discussion.

Resham tells the guests that she’ll leave for India for Arzoo’s union, bless her. Arzoo comes. The guests compliment Arzoo and bless her. Mahek looks on. Chotu makes Sandhya have sweets. Sooraj says it, I made it, have it by your Devar’s hands, once Chotu gets married, he’ll forget us. Sandhya requests Chotu will you forget me after Arzoo comes. Chotu says this will not occur. Sooraj says once you get married, you may become Arzoo’s for seven arrivals. Resham asks the lawyer about the visa. The lawyer says the signed paper of Meenakshi has come; the visa will come, now prepare to leave. Bhabho yells what are you saying….. Sandhya and everyone looks on.

Bhabho scolds for getting egg curry, Meenakshi. Emily says indeed my living room customer ordered this and it got delivered here. Bhabho requests them to mind this; they understand that egg can not even come at the doorway. Bhabho says which breaks my belief, or whatever; I can’t endure anything against my ethics.

Mahek says this Mushtandi is making her Ashiyana on big misinterpretation. She says Resham that Arzoo looks a fairy Prince. Resham says yes. Bhabho requests all this to throw in the bin. Emily takes it.

Mahek thinks happiness will become grief shortly. Bhabho scolds her Sandhya and the other one and says the thing that should not come in my house Won’t come if it comes it will have the same result. Resham’s flight properties. Sandhya welcomes Resham and her family. Bhabho asks her to come. Ved asks about Arzoo. Sandhya asks Resham where’s Arzoo. Resham says Arzoo couldn’t come. They get shocked.

Precap: Chotu’s Bhabhi asks Bhabho did she pick this family for Chotu, and creates a scene, will she get Chotu married in a Muslim family.