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Evaporative Cooling Maintenance For Summer

Imagine the summer days without having a cooling system in your house. Horrible! Right? Well, this will become a reality when you have a cooling system at home that does not take care of the maintenance part. Therefore, you must know how important your Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance is. 

Advantages Of Braemar Coolers

Braemar coolers have many advantages, of which few are noteworthy. 

  • More Sleep, Less Noise: The primary advantage is that they are very quiet and help you get your sleep at night very soundly. But if it starts showing up with any kind of noise, then the Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance is due for your cooler.
  • Easily Operatable: Besides not making noise, the Braemar coolers have MagIQtouch controllers. This simply means you can control the touch screen’s temperature and fan speed options. Another added advantage is that they are very user-friendly, which means fewer complications in the system. The fewer the complications, the less Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance is required.
  • Effective: The Braemar coolers are very and highly effective in summer. They can cool homes and offices in the summer heat with high temperatures. And the most beautiful part of Braemar coolers is that you can keep them running even with open doors and windows, unlike in other coolers. This is a very unusual thing to happen with coolers. This is only an indicator that your cooler will require you to do Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance even in such conditions.

Why Are Evaporative Coolers A Choice with Many?

Evaporative coolers are the common and natural choice for many because they are very efficient in energy and provide eco-friendly cooling solutions to their consumers. Plus, they are at an advantage in regions with low humidity and better weather conditions. But no matter how much benefit you derive from your Braemar evaporative coolers, you must do systematic Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance. Failing to maintain, you will have to face the hot and humid summers without the cooler. 

The Maintenance That Should Be Carried Out Regularly

The Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance requires you to:

  • Either clean or replace the swamp cooler pads.
  • The water tank should be cleaned.
  • Do away with the calcium deposits on the swamp cooler pads.
  • Make examinations of motor belts and electrical parts and accessories.

But once you are done with it through the summer months, ensure that your end-of-the-season Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance is carried out again to ensure its proper working in the next season and its longevity.

What To Expect from A Cooler Service by Your Professional?

When you call in a professional for your Braemar evaporative cooling maintenance, you can expect the following to take place:

  • Testing of the float and drain valves
  • Thorough cleaning of the unit
  • Examination of switches and electrical wires
  • Testing and cleaning the water pump
  • Conducting a leak detection test on your system
  • Observing the level of the water
  • Checking for the proper operation of the fan, the filter pads, and the airflow produced
  • Complete check-up of the total device to make sure that it is in proper working condition

Concluding Note

Braemar air coolers are very popular because they are fully ducted and thus help you conserve energy in operating them. Thus, it is not only energy-efficient but also environmentally friendly, which is one of the most important things to consider in today’s polluted world. And taking care of the cooling system is even more important to enjoy the fresh air continuously.

Featured Image by Lucio Alfonsi on Pixabay