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Five Things Every Welder Needs

If you’re a novice welder, you shouldn’t even think about picking up a welding torch before you have all the equipment you need to hand. While welding is a fantastic hobby and an interesting and rewarding occupation, it can be a dangerous one. With this in mind, it’s pretty important to be aware of all the essentials you’re going to require before you get going with your new pastime.

Many of the essentials that every welder needs are to do with safety. When you are welding, you’re dealing with extremely hot materials and that can present a world of dangers for you and those around you. You need to take great care to protect yourself from burns or eye damage which could occur if an accident takes place.

Let’s take a look at just five things that absolutely every welder should have to hand before they get started on their first project.

1.Protecting Your Eyes

welding mask

The absolute first thing you need to think about before you get started with welding is how you’re going to protect your eyes. The welding spark is blindingly fluorescent and can cause serious eye damage if your eyes are exposed to it. Not only that, but sparks and flying debris can also damage your eyes too while you work. Therefore, the first things you’re going to need to add to your welding kit is a pair of safety glasses with clear, non-tinted lenses which will keep your eyes safe from the debris and sparks together with an auto-darkening welding helmet. Not only will the helmet protect your eyes from the dangerous welding spark, it will also protect your face from debris and sparks too.

2.Protecting Your Feet

You may not think about protecting your feet when you begin welding, however they are just as important as your face and hands. Sparks can easily fly when you’re welding, and your feet can be vulnerable if you choose the wrong footwear. Just imagine the damage which could be caused when you start welding in a pair of open toe sandals. Always choose a pair of strong and sturdy boots which will protect your feet and toes from burning sparks.

3.Protecting Your Hands

When you’re wielding a welding torch your hands and arms are especially vulnerable to burns from the sparks. You definitely need to choose the right pair of strong welding gloves that will protect you from harm while also giving you the freedom of movement you need to work efficiently. If you’re going to start MIG welding, you should choose a pair of high quality gauntlet gloves which allow free movement of your wrists while also having firm pockets for your fingers for better grip and security. If you’re going to be doing TIG welding, you should choose a pair of welding gloves made from a flexible and thinner material that is also fire-resistant for the best possible protection.

4.Protecting Your Body

Now that you’ve thought about protecting your extremities, it’s time to think about protecting the rest of your body too. If your face, hands and feet are vulnerable to damage from sparks and flying debris, the remainder of your body is too, and therefore finding a suitable way to cover it up with fire-resistant fabric is always important. You should definitely consider investing in a fire resistant, thick welding jacket which you can put on before you start work. You might even want to consider pairing it with a pair of welding trousers or chaps which will keep your legs safe from harm during your welding.

5.Protecting Your Ears

The last essential that we’re going to recommend to all new welders is some protection for your ears. No, not from sparks and flying debris this time! Welding is often a very loud operation and you’re going to need to concentrate and focus on what you’re doing to get the job right and to avoid harming yourself and others. If you invest in a pair of high quality ear plugs, you’ll be able to ensure you can maintain your focus to the optimal level by eradicating any external noises. Even better, there’ll be no change of damaging your ears due to excess noise.

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